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Are European stocks heading for investment opportunities?

2022-06-20 11:59:48 GMT (
Major European stocks declined on Friday to 16-month lows on track for the largest monthly loss in two years.    The decline in European stocks triggered questions about the path forward ...

Will the ECB increase pressures on European stock market?

2022-06-08 12:27:26 GMT (
European stocks remain underperforming throughout the year amid a variety of pressures that forced investors off risks and hammered profits.    European stocks were particularly ...

Global government debt hits record high of $71 trillion, is it because of the Ukrainian war?

2022-04-06 11:58:19 GMT (
A new UK study showed global sovereign debt has risen by 9.5% to a new record high of $71 trillion, and it's expected to rise even further throughout 2022.   The huge jump mostly comes from ...

European stocks back off four-week high amid Ukrainian developments

2022-03-25 09:39:25 GMT (
European stocks declined on Friday for the third straight session away from four-week highs on profit-taking as investors shun risks amid Ukrainian developments and new western sanctions on ...

European stocks give up 4-week high on upcoming new western sanctions on Russia

2022-03-23 12:31:51 GMT (
European stocks declined for the first session in six days away from four-week highs on active profit-taking, while investors shun risks.   Western countries, led by the US, are preparing more ...

European stocks extend gains to four-week highs, buoyed by banking and financial sectors

2022-03-22 12:46:13 GMT (
European stocks rose in European trade for the fifth straight session, marking four-week highs due to strong gains by the banking and financial sectors.   Investors continue to monitor the ...

Europe hits 4-week highs amid strong gains for the mining sector

2022-03-21 12:49:45 GMT (
European stocks rose on Monday for the fourth straight session, marking four-week highs amid strong gains for the mining sector, but the market remains on edge due to the Ukrainian ...

European stocks on track for second weekly gains

2022-03-18 11:51:22 GMT (
European stocks fell on Friday away from two-week highs on active profit-taking, with European stocks heading for the second weekly profits in a row on improved risk appetite.   The Dow Jones ...

European stocks hit two-week highs after strong gains on Wall Street

2022-03-17 11:35:36 GMT (
European stocks rose on Thursday for another session- marking two-week highs amid improving sentiment in the markets following strong gains on Wall Street.   Dow Jones Stoxx Europe 600 rose ...

European stocks spike to two-week highs ahead of Fed's policy decisions

2022-03-16 11:36:40 GMT (
European stocks rallied on Wednesday to two-week highs amid positive sentiment in the markets, while investors await the Federal Reserve's policy decisions later today.   Dow Jones Stoxx ...

European stocks give up two-week high on negative sentiment

2022-03-15 13:14:48 GMT (
European stocks declined on Tuesday away from two-week highs on active profit-taking as investors shun risks, following disappointing data.   Dow Jones Stoxx Europe 600 fell 0.8%, after ...

European stocks maintain gains on Ukraine-Russia peace talks

2022-03-14 12:05:13 GMT (
European stocks rose on Monday for another session as risk appetite improves in the markets as Ukrainian-Russian peace talks resume.   The talks have resumed on video conference between ...

European stocks surge over 2% on Ukraine-Russia peace talks

2022-03-11 12:31:21 GMT (
European stocks surged over 2% on Friday on track for the second profit in three sessions, amid improving risk appetite in the markets as Russian-Ukrainian peace talks progress.   Russian ...

European stocks decline ahead of Ukraine-Russia peace talks

2022-03-10 11:57:16 GMT (
European stocks declined on Thursday after a surge yesterday on short-covering from 13-month lows, as sentiment improved back then on the prospects of Ukraine-Russia peace talks in ...
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