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Economies.com provides the latest technical analysis of Crude Oil Futures. Through this page you may keep track of any changes in Oil Prices by our live technical updates around the clock. Technical analysis helps you predict the trend of Oil Rates by the use of technical indicators.

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Crude oil price suffers more losses – Analysis - 08-12-2022

2022-12-08 04:31:07 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price broke 73.64 level strongly and settled below it, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the domination of the bearish trend on the intraday and short term basis, waiting to visit ...

Midday update for Crude oil 07-12-2022

2022-12-07 11:02:58 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price attempts to break 73.64 level, to hint heading to resume the main bearish trend and suffer more loses, but we need to get a daily close below the mentioned level to confirm rallying ...

Crude oil price declines strongly – Analysis - 07-12-2022

2022-12-07 04:52:07 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price found solid support at 73.64, to settle near it, facing contradiction between the technical factors that makes us stay aside until we get clearer signal for the next ...

Evening update for Crude oil price 06-12-2022

2022-12-06 19:21:12 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price declined sharply to surpass our waited target at 75.00 and reach the previously recorded low at 73.64, and it is important to monitor the upcoming trading, as continuing the decline ...

Midday update for Crude oil 06-12-2022

2022-12-06 10:25:10 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price resumes its negative trading clearly to achieve our first target at 76.30 and attempts to break it, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the domination of the bearish trend for ...

Crude oil price returns to the bearish track – Analysis - 06-12-2022

2022-12-06 04:46:21 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price suffered strong losses yesterday and ended sessions below 78.20, to return to the main bearish channel and head towards resuming the main bearish trend, affected by the double top ...

Evening update for Crude oil price 05-12-2022

2022-12-05 17:37:16 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price bounced downwards strongly after approaching our waited target at 83.27, to break 81.00 followed by 79.50 levels and heads towards potential return to the main bearish trend, on its ...

Midday update for Crude oil 05-12-2022

2022-12-05 10:50:02 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price resumes its positive trading to surpass 81.00 level and attempts to hold above it, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the bullish trend in the upcoming sessions, opening the ...

Crude oil price retests the neckline – Analysis - 05-12-2022

2022-12-05 04:46:34 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price continued to decline to retest the breached neckline of the inverted head and shoulders’ pattern that appears on the chart, as it kept its stability above it and bounced ...

Midday update for Crude oil 02-12-2022

2022-12-02 10:14:34 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price faces additional negative pressure to attempt to break 81.00 level now, which urges caution from the upcoming trading, as confirming the breaking will press on the price to suffer ...

Crude oil price tests the support base – Analysis - 02-12-2022

2022-12-02 05:12:34 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price bounced bearishly after touching 83.27 level, to test the support base formed above 81.00 after breaching it previously, and the price needs to consolidate above this level to keep ...

Evening update for Crude oil price 01-12-2022

2022-12-01 15:35:50 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price rallied upwards strongly to succeed reaching our extended target at 83.27 and settles near it, and the way seems open to continue the rise in the upcoming period, noting that ...

Midday update for Crude oil 01-12-2022

2022-12-01 10:20:10 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price continues to fluctuate within sideways track and finds solid resistance at 81.00 level, noting that the EMA50 continues to support the price from below, waiting to motivate the price ...

Crude oil price completes the positive pattern – Analysis - 01-12-2022

2022-12-01 04:06:34 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price hovers around 81.00 level since yesterday and finds difficulty to breach it until now, waiting to get positive momentum that assists to push the price to breach this level and confirm ...
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