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Natural gas tests the critical support– Analysis – 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 05:29:45 GMT (
Natural gas price ended its negative rebound by facing the critical support at 1.780, to form a strong obstacle against the last negative trading, the upcoming scenario depends on the strength of ...

Platinum declines below the average – Analysis – 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 05:26:06 GMT (
Platinum price resumed the attempts of forming bearish waves, to notice its stability below the moving average 55 at 880.00, the repeated negative stability below 915.00 barrier confirms the trading ...

Copper price continues to crawl positively – Analysis – 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 05:25:49 GMT (
Copper price lost its negative momentum due to stochastic reach below 50 level, to notice its approach from the minor bullish channel at 3.0050, we recommend the neutrality as these is a chance for ...

Wheat price attempts to recover – Analysis - 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 03:39:01 GMT (
Wheat price provided clear positive trades yesterday and approached 570.00 barrier, but it bounced downwards strongly to press on 557.30 level, as it begins today with more decline to move below this ...

Sugar price resumes the rise – Analysis - 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 03:38:50 GMT (
Sugar price ended yesterday positively to settle above the bullish channel’s support line again, which supports the continuation of our bullish overview, motivated by the positive signal ...

Soybean price tests the resistance – Analysis - 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 03:38:38 GMT (
Soybean price tested 1039.60 level and bounced downwards clearly from there, which keeps the bearish trend scenario valid and active for the upcoming period, waiting to visit 1000.00 followed by ...

Corn price within bearish track – Analysis - 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 03:38:25 GMT (
Corn price continues to decline, organized inside the intraday bearish channel that appears on the chart, which supports achieving more decline in the upcoming sessions, waiting to visit 362.40 level ...

Brent oil price keeps its negative stability – Analysis - 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 03:37:20 GMT (
Brent oil price bounced bearishly after 42.17 level formed solid barrier against the price’s recent positive attempts, as the EMA50 meets this level to add more strength to it, to keep the ...

Crude oil price begins negatively – Analysis - 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 03:37:09 GMT (
Crude oil price kept its stability below 39.70, starting today with clear bearish bias to approach the key support 39.14, waiting to break this level to confirm opening the way to continue the ...

Silver price resumes the decline – Analysis - 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 03:36:55 GMT (
Silver price returns to decline and approaches 23.60 level, to keep the bearish trend dominant on the intraday and short term basis, reminding you that breaking this level will push the price to ...

Gold price gets a negative close – Analysis - 23-09-2020

2020-09-23 03:36:42 GMT (
Gold price closed the daily candlestick below 1901.80, which supports the continuation of our bearish overview efficiently in the upcoming period, paving the way to head towards our next negative ...

End of day analysis for Crude oil 22-09-2020

2020-09-22 18:03:56 GMT (
Crude oil price resumed its negative trades to test 39.14 level, but it returns to rise and move above 39.70 level now, to continue monitoring the price action, as consolidating above this level will ...

End of day analysis for Gold 22-09-2020

2020-09-22 18:03:44 GMT (
Gold price continues the attempts to break 1901.80 level, to keep our bearish overview that targets 1860.90 level on the near term basis, noting that breaching 1911.00 will stop the current negative ...

Midday update for Wheat price 22-09-2020

2020-09-22 09:14:46 GMT (
Wheat price finds difficulty to consolidate above 557.30, which supports the chances of achieving more decline in the upcoming period and turn to decline, waiting to visit 542.00 followed by 536.80 ...
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