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Copper price attacks the resistance – Analysis – 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 06:43:49 GMT (
Copper price suffered from a strong positive pressures in Friday’s trading, to rally to the upside to press on the bearish channel’s resistance at 2.6200, due to the importance of this ...

Platinum repeats the fluctuation below the resistance – Analysis – 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 06:43:46 GMT (
Platinum price remains affected by the intraday sideways bias domination that caused by forming an extra support at 880.00 by the moving average 55, to decelerate the suggested negative track, but ...

The GBPJPY repeats the positive closes – Analysis – 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 06:43:41 GMT (
The GBPJPY pair repeated providing positive closes by its stability above 139.20 level, which represents the extension of the breached bullish channel’s resistance, which increases the chances ...

The EURJPY resumes the decline – Analysis – 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 06:43:35 GMT (
The EURJPY pair didn’t get enough by testing the bearish channel’s resistance at 121.00, to notice forming a new bullish wave attempting to exit the negative attack, to confirm the ...

France- Allianz resumes the bullish attack– Analysis – 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 06:43:22 GMT (
Allianz price formed a new bullish wave in its last trading, surpassing 215.25 level, reinforcing its affection by the expected bullish bias domination, the trading might extra the trading to 222.20 ...

The EURGBP settles above the support – Analysis – 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 06:43:14 GMT (
The EURGBP pair touched the bearish channel’s support level at 0.8575 in its last bearish attack, forming a strong barrier against the attempt of resuming the negativity, to begin forming a ...

The EURUSD needs positive motive – Analysis - 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 04:55:00 GMT (
The EURUSD pair settles near 1.1160 level after reaching few point away from our waited target at 1.1180, and it might witness temporary bearish bias affected by stochastic negativity, while the ...

DashCoin price tests the moving average – Analysis - 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 04:53:52 GMT (
DashCoin price tests the EMA50 now that forms good intraday resistance against the price, while stochastic shows clear negative signals now, to support the chances of bouncing bearishly and resume ...

Litecoin price gets a negative signal – Analysis - 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 04:53:49 GMT (
Litecoin price found difficulty to break 52.00 level, to show some slight bullish bias, noticing that stochastic begins to overlap negatively now, which supports the chances of resuming the decline ...

Ethereum price loses momentum – Analysis - 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 04:53:46 GMT (
Ethereum price returns to test the EMA50, accompanied by stochastic loss to the positive momentum and witnessing negative overlapping signal on the four hours’ time frame, waiting to motivate ...

Bitcoin price attempts to recover – Analysis - 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 04:53:43 GMT (
Bitcoin price provided clear positive trades in the previous sessions to test the key resistance 8265.00, noticing that stochastic loses its positive momentum to enter the overbought areas, waiting ...

The USDCHF hits the target – Analysis - 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 04:53:40 GMT (
The USDCHF pair succeeded to touch our waited target at 0.9836 and begins providing positive trades from there, accompanied by stochastic reach to the oversold areas, which encourages us to suggest ...

The NZDUSD approaches the first target – Analysis - 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 04:53:37 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair shows more bullish bias to approach our first waited target at 0.6426, which represents 38.2% Fibonacci correction level for the decline measured from 0.6787 to 0.6204.   The ...

The AUDUSD continues to rise – Analysis - 21-10-2019

2019-10-21 04:53:34 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair keeps its stability above the braeched bearish channel’s resistance, and begin today with a new bullish bias in its way to continue the expected rise in the upcoming period, ...
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