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Midday update for Brent oil 12-08-2022

2022-08-12 09:09:31 GMT (
Brent oil price trades positively to attempt to breach 102.25 level, to hint the attempt to activate the positive scenario, but we need a daily close above this resistance or below 100.70 support to ...

Midday update for Crude oil 12-08-2022

2022-08-12 09:09:28 GMT (
Crude oil price shows sideways and tight trades since morning, and still stuck between the trend confirmation levels represented by 91.45 support and 94.50 resistance, to continue with our neutrality ...

Midday update for Silver 12-08-2022

2022-08-12 09:09:22 GMT (
Silver price crawls upwards slightly, and stochastic begins to overlap positively, waiting to motivate the price to provide more bullish bias to visit 21.30 level that represents our next main ...

Midday update for Gold 12-08-2022

2022-08-12 09:09:18 GMT (
Gold price didn’t show any strong move since morning, and as long as the price is above 1779.25, our bullish overview will remain active for today, supported by the EMA50, reminding you that ...

Midday update for the GBPUSD 12-08-2022

2022-08-12 09:09:14 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair presses on 1.2175 level now, which represents the neckline of the double top pattern that appears on the chart, reminding you that breaking this level will press on the price to ...

Midday update for the EURUSD 12-08-2022

2022-08-12 09:09:03 GMT (
The EURUSD pair trades negatively now to start pressing on 1.0278 level, which breaking it represents the key to rally towards our negative targets that start at 1.0200 followed by 1.0100, to keep ...

The AUDCAD holds above the support – Analysis – 12-8-2022

2022-08-12 07:47:14 GMT (
The AUDCAD pair kept its positive stability above 0.9000 level that forms the extension of the major support, to increase the chances of renewing the bullish attempts in the near term and medium term ...

Natural gas price hits key barrier – Analysis – 12-8-2022

2022-08-12 07:46:49 GMT (
Natural gas price correctional bullish trades extended towards 9.005 level, to face key barrier and hinder the bullish rally, noticing its rebound towards 8.640 direct, while in case this barrier ...

Hang Seng index begins the bullish correction – Analysis – 12-8-2022

2022-08-12 07:46:14 GMT (
Hang Seng index repeated the positive closings above 61.8% Fibonacci correction level to form solid support at 19360 and activate the correctional bullish track, to notice its consolidation near ...

The EURJPY tends towards the positivity – Analysis – 12-8-2022

2022-08-12 07:44:45 GMT (
The EURJPY pair repeated the positive closings within the bullish track, affected by the stability of the additional support at 136.65 and manage to form some bullish waves and record the target at ...

The GBPJPY renews the positive action – Analysis – 12-8-2022

2022-08-12 07:44:17 GMT (
The GBPJPY pair returned to fluctuate above the moving average 55 at 161.90 to hint the preparation to renew the bullish attempts to notice recording some gains by touching 162.80.   We assure ...

Platinum price achieves new gains – Analysis – 12-8-2022

2022-08-12 07:43:45 GMT (
Platinum price succeeded to surpass 950.00 barrier to open the way to record more gains by touching 975.00 level and achieve the first waited target in our previous report.   Stochastic ...

Copper price continues to rise – Analysis – 12-8-2022

2022-08-12 07:42:54 GMT (
Copper price has no escape from resuming the bullish attack, to notice its fluctuation above 3.6300 and achieve new gains by touching 3.7030.   Also, the stability of the additional support ...

Wheat price keeps rising – Analysis - 12-08-2022

2022-08-12 04:12:40 GMT (
Wheat price shows more bullish bias to reach the intraday bullish channel’s support line, and begins to gather new positive momentum, waiting to motivate the price to resume the bullish wave ...
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