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End of day analysis for Gold 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 18:18:33 GMT (
Gold price traded with strong positivity to surpass 1731.00 and settles around 1745.00, to hint heading to resume the recently suggested bullish trend, which targets 1765.00 as a next station, noting ...

End of day analysis for the EURUSD 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 18:18:23 GMT (
The EURUSD pair rallied upwards strongly to move away from the key support 1.1880, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the bullish trend, and the way is open to achieve our waited target at ...

Morgan Stanley declines alongside upside trend line - Analysis - 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 11:15:51 GMT (
Morgan Stanley's stock (MS) fell 0.67% in the last session while gathering momentum to help it rise anew, amid the dominance of the main upward trend in the medium and short terms, with positive ...

Nike retests current resistance - Analysis - 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 11:15:26 GMT (
Nike's stock (NKE) rose 0.88% in the last session, retesting the important resistance of 136.25 while also touching the resistance of the 50-day SMA, amid the dominance of the downward correctional ...

Oracle powers up - Analysis - 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 11:14:53 GMT (
Oracle's stock (ORCL) kept rising with a 0.71% profit in the last session, amid the dominance of the main upward trend in the medium term, with positive pressure from the 50-day SMA, coupled with ...

Adobe attacks current resistance - Analysis - 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 11:14:31 GMT (
Adobe's stock (ADBE) rose 0.39% in the last session, tackling the resistance of 505.65, amid the dominance of the main upward medium-term trend, with positive support from the 50-day ...

Gilead leans on SMA support - Analysis - 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 11:14:10 GMT (
Gilead's stock (GILD) returned lower with a 0.69% profit in the last session, amid negative signals from the RSI, while leaning on the support of the 50-day SMA, amid the dominance of the upward ...

Midday update for Wheat price 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 10:07:00 GMT (
Wheat price trades with clear positivity now to surpass 629.40 level and settles above it, noticing that the price draws positive formation that appears on the chart, which makes us prefer staying ...

Midday update for Sugar price 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 10:06:43 GMT (
Sugar price retests the broken support of the bearish flag that appears on the chart, and the price needs to hold below 15.65 to keep the bearish trend valid for today, supported by stochastic ...

Midday update for Soybean price 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 10:06:27 GMT (
Soybean price shows slight positive trades after finding solid support at 1382.00 level, and as long as the price is below 1420.00, our bearish overview will remain valid for the upcoming period, ...

Midday update for Corn price 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 10:06:14 GMT (
Corn price tests 570.40 level, affected by stochastic positivity, waiting to rebound bearishly to resume the expected bearish trend for today, reminding you that our next negative target is located ...

Midday update for Brent oil 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 10:05:48 GMT (
Brent oil price returns to rise to surpass 63.40 level and head towards potential test to the most important resistance 64.20, and as we mentioned this morning, the price needs to hold below these ...

Midday update for Crude oil 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 10:05:38 GMT (
Crude oil price continues to fluctuate around 59.85 level and shows some positive trades now, which urges caution from the upcoming trading, as the price needs to consolidate below the mentioned ...

Midday update for Silver 13-04-2021

2021-04-13 10:05:23 GMT (
Silver price settles below the EMA50 that forms good negative pressure against the price, to keep the bearish trend scenario valid and active for today, which depends on the price stability below ...
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