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2019-04-26 06:28:27 GMT (
Copper price formed new negative trades to test the bullish channel’s support line at 2.8550 and form clear barrier against the attempts to change the main trend, as the continuous stability of ...
2019-04-26 06:28:24 GMT (
No change for Platinum price’s positive trades by holding above 863.00, while we are waiting the price to respond to the major indicators’ positivity that continue to provide the positive ...
2019-04-26 06:28:19 GMT (
The GBPJPY pair continued to form additional negative trades to approach the first target at 143.70, confirming the surrender to the domination of the main bearish bias, while the stability of ...
2019-04-26 06:28:17 GMT (
The EURJPY pair begins recording the negative targets by reaching 124.10 level recently, confirming the surrender to the main bearish bias domination, expecting to face new negative pressures by ...
2019-04-26 06:28:07 GMT (
Bayer shares price ended its intraday positive rebound by providing negative close below 62.85 level, which forms additional resistance to increase the chances of renewing the negative attempts in ...
2019-04-26 06:28:03 GMT (
Hang Seng index faced strong negative pressures to notice exiting the bullish track by settling below the bullish channel’s support line at 26635, while the broken support continues to form ...
2019-04-26 06:28:00 GMT (
The CADJPY pair confirmed its stability below 83.55 barrier to prepare to form additional negative trades to notice achieving 82.55 level, also, the consolidation of the moving average 55 above the ...
2019-04-26 04:10:40 GMT (
DashCoin price traded with strong negativity by today’s opening to approach our waited target at 103.25, and it returns to fluctuate near the key support that was broken previously to form ...
2019-04-26 04:10:23 GMT (
Litecoin price showed new attempt to break the bullish trend line that appears on the chart without managing to hold below it, to test the resistance line formed at 75.35 after breaking it ...
2019-04-26 04:10:08 GMT (
Ethereum price succeeded to achieve our first waited target at 154.00, and the price keeps its stability below the previously broken intraday bullish trend line, waiting to resume the bearish bias to ...
2019-04-26 04:09:49 GMT (
Bitcoin price opened today’s trading with strong negativity to attack the key support 5237.70, but it bounced upwards quickly from there to settle above 5400.00$ barrier, which keeps the ...
2019-04-26 04:09:35 GMT (
The USDCHF pair fluctuates around 1.0200 level, noticing that stochastic gains the positive momentum again, which supports the chances of resuming the expected bullish trend on the intraday and short ...
2019-04-26 04:09:18 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair shows clear positive trades now to approach testing 0.6654 level, accompanied by stochastic loss to the positive momentum and reach the overbought areas, while the EMA50 continues to ...
2019-04-26 04:08:59 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair approaches to retest 0.7044 level that was broken previously, which represents the first protection factor to yesterday’s suggested negative scenario besides the second ...
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