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Copper price loses the negative momentum – Analysis – 16-5-2022

2022-05-16 04:56:03 GMT (
Copper price lost its negative momentum by stochastic rally above 50 level, to force it to form a temporary rebound towards 4.1800, which forms the extra barrier against the negative ...

Platinum price tends towards the negativity – Analysis – 16-5-2022

2022-05-16 04:55:56 GMT (
Platinum price kept its negative stability below the resistance at 997.00, affected to the negativity of the main indicators, forming a bearish wave to settle below 950.00 level.   The ...

The GBPJPY is weak – Analysis – 16-5-2022

2022-05-16 04:55:39 GMT (
The GBPJPY pair remains affected by the bearish correctional bias domination by providing repeated negative closes below the extra barrier at 159.60, besides the attempt of providing negative ...

The EURJPY provides new negative close – Analysis – 16-5-2022

2022-05-16 04:55:31 GMT (
The EURJPY pair repeated providing negative closes below 134.85 level, to keep decelerating the attempts of renewing the bullish attack, which announces its surrender to the correctional bias ...

Natural gas price keeps the positivity – Analysis – 16-5-2022

2022-05-16 04:55:07 GMT (
Natural gas price lost the positive momentum in its last trading by stochastic exit from the overbought level, which forces it to form a sideways fluctuation by its stability near 7.800, reminding ...

Nikkei index needs new negative momentum – Analysis – 16-5-2022

2022-05-16 04:54:59 GMT (
Nikkei index price lost the negative momentum, which forces it to delay the negative attack by forming a bullish correctional rebound, to settle near 26600, to notice facing the moving average 55, ...

The EURNZD holds above the support – Analysis – 16-5-2022

2022-05-16 04:54:52 GMT (
IN spite of the EURNZD pair’s neediness to the positive momentum, but the repeated stability above the support at 1.6510 confirms its surrender to the bullish bias domination, to reach ...

Wheat price begins with strong bullish gap – Analysis - 16-05-2022

2022-05-16 04:10:49 GMT (
Wheat price opened today with strong rise that put the price above 1200.00 level, to head towards resuming the main bullish trend, paving the way to achieve new gains that reach 1285.00 followed by ...

Sugar price achieves clear gains – Analysis - 16-05-2022

2022-05-16 04:10:43 GMT (
Sugar price rallied upwards in the previous sessions to breach 18.85 and touch 19.16 direct, noticing that the price closed last Friday above this level, to confirm the continuation of the bullish ...

Soybean gets hits the first target – Analysis - 16-05-2022

2022-05-16 04:10:37 GMT (
Soybean price managed to achieve our first waited target at 1621.50 and settles there, waiting for more rise to breach this level and open the way to head towards our next positive target at ...

Corn price recovers by the week’s open – Analysis - 16-05-2022

2022-05-16 04:10:32 GMT (
Corn price opened today with bullish gap that put the price at 794.60 again, to keep the positive scenario active for the upcoming period, waiting to breach the mentioned level to confirm extending ...

The USDCHF keeps its positive consolidation – Analysis - 16-05-2022

2022-05-16 04:10:23 GMT (
The USDCHF pair continues to rise gradually within the bullish channel, waiting for more rise to achieve new gains that reach 1.0100 followed by 1.0150.   Therefore, the bullish trend scenario ...

The NZDUSD begins negatively – Analysis - 16-05-2022

2022-05-16 04:10:17 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair opens today with clear negativity after approaching 0.6300 barrier, to start pressing on 0.6230 level now and hints heading to resume the main bearish trend, which moves inside the ...

The AUDUSD approaches the positive target – Analysis - 16-05-2022

2022-05-16 04:10:10 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair traded positively in the previous session and approached 0.6985 level, but it begins today with clear decline to resume the main bearish trend, motivated by stochastic negativity that ...
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