Why did yuan mark the largest weekly profit since late 2020?

2022-05-23 12:03PM UTC

Yuan kept rising against dollar on Monday, marking three-week highs as the greenback slides against major rivals.


Yuan made the biggest weekly profit last week since November 2022, and we explain why.


USD fell 0.7% against yuan to 6.6840, a May 5 low, with the yuan marking a 1.5% profit last week, the largest such profit since late 2020.


Reasons include a weaker dollar, a stronger Chinese economic recovery, and short-covering after yuan plumbed two-year lows at 6.8375.


The Dollar


The dollar index fell 0.8% in the last session, marking three-week lows at 102.08 against major rivals, on active profit-taking off 20-year highs.


Disappointing US retails data dampened gains in the bonds market and flared fears of a recession.


Chinese Economy


China is starting to loosen up restrictions on movements in major cities as Covid 19 infections decline, while China's central bank took a bold move and cut interest rates to bolster economic activities.


Shanghai, a 25 million people city, is preparing to return to normal life by June 1.


Otherwise, the People's Bank of China cut five-year interest rates for loans by 15 basis points to 4.45%, the largest such decrease since 2019.




Now analysts expect yuan to get back to 6.5 yuan per dollar if China delivered on lifting all restrictions soon.

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