Asian stocks open mostly positive

2019-04-23 08:09:12 GMT (
Asian stocks open mostly positive

Asian stocks opened the second session in the week on mixed performance, with positive gains on the Chinese, Australian and New Zealand stocks, as well as Hang Seng Hong Kong and South Korea's Kospi Index, while Japan's stock markets were mixed on Tuesday. In conjunction with the events of the seasonal disclosure of business results for the first quarter of major Asian companies and banks.


We have followed the controversial Chinese Huawei disclosure of its quarterly results for the first quarter of 2018, which showed a 39% increase in revenue from the first quarter of 2018, despite the pressure of the US government on the Chinese company, which invests heavily in the fifth generation networks Which offers speeds up to ten times the current 4G speed.


We would like to point out that many scientists are opposed to the new network with their claim that they have harmful health effects to send data over the 400 MHz system. It is worth noting that, in conjunction with tests of the fifth generation networks in the Netherlands recently, birds fell dead from the sky at the time, while the validity of these scientists' claims aren't yet confirmed in the context of an extensive debate over technology, especially with no testing of its effects on human health prior to publication.


On the contrary, The markets are looking forward to the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meeting with EU leaders on Thursday before heading to Washington for a summit with US President Donald Trump, in which they're expected to discuss a trade deal between the two countries. in addition to an extension of the waiver on U.S. sanctions on Iran and Iran's oil importers.


Japanese stocks witnessed a mixed performance during today's trading session, with the broader Topix index rising by 0.05% to gain (0.88 point) up to 1,619.50, while Nikkei 225 index fell by 0.24% (53.79 points) down to 22,164.11.


As for the Chinese stock indices, CSI 300 rose 0.34% to gain 13.70 points and reach 4,039.31, the Shanghai Composite Index also rose 0.04% (1.37 points) to reach 3,216.41.


While Hong Kong Hang Sang rose 0.02% (4.91 points) to 29,968.17. And South Korea's Kospi Index also rose 0.01% (0.32 points) to 2,216.97.


To New Zealand's NZX 50, which rose 0.65% (64.49 points) to 10,024.10. On the other hand, Australia's S&P/ASX 200 index rose 0.74% to gain 46.19 points and reach the level of 6,306.00.

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