Wall Street opens April lower

2024-04-01 15:02PM UTC

US Stock Market Analysis

  • Most US stock indices opened lower on Monday, the first session of April, following strong quarterly profits.
  • Investors are evaluating the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy amidst this scenario.

Federal Reserve's Monetary Policy

  • Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell emphasized caution regarding rate cuts, citing inflation above the 2% target.

Trading Overview

  • Dow Jones dropped 0.6%, or 232 points, as of 14:58 GMT to 39,574.
  • S&P 500 declined 0.2%, or 12 points, to 5242.
  • NASDAQ saw a decrease of 0.1%, or 4 points, to 16,375.

The US stock indices reflect cautious sentiment as investors monitor quarterly earnings and Federal Reserve announcements.

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