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US stocks continue to jump to record highs

2019-07-15 21:21:09 GMT (
US stocks rose slightly in the last hours of Monday trading, but that was enough for the major indices to continue their rally to new record highs. This comes despite market worries that followed ...

US stocks open flat ahead of Q2 business results season

2019-07-15 14:55:38 GMT (
US stocks open flat on the first day of the week as markets await the release of the second-quarter corporate business results, mostly starting with banks' results.   Market worries about the ...

Wall Street hits historic milestones as S&P closes above 3000 points

2019-07-12 21:18:03 GMT (
US stocks jumped today, supported by a continuing positive market sentiment on prospects of near Federal Reserve interest rate cuts, as Wall Street hit unprecedented historical record ...

US stocks continue to rally towards historic highs

2019-07-12 14:27:33 GMT (
US stocks rose at the start of trading today with Dow Jones and Standard & Poor's rising to record highs as market expectations increased for a near Fed's rate cut.   Official data showed ...

Dow Jones closes above 27,000 points for first time in its history

2019-07-11 21:04:19 GMT (
US stocks rose today, boosted by expectations of a near interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve, but Nasdaq shed its gains and stabilized at the end of the session, while Dow Jones and Standard ...

US stocks open flat as Standard & Poor's holds near 3000 points

2019-07-11 14:35:48 GMT (
Most of the US stock indices (excluding the Dow Jones) opened flat on trading today as market assessments for the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's testimony stabilized, which has boosted ...

US stocks maintain gains after Powell's comments, Nasdaq hits record closing

2019-07-10 20:53:10 GMT (
US stocks rose during trading today supported by the energy sector and the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell remarks in his testimony before the Congress as well as the release of the minutes of ...

Fed's meeting minutes supports US rate cut bets

2019-07-10 18:16:21 GMT (
The minutes of the last Federal Reserve meeting released today showed that last month's meeting showed the tendency of many central bank members to cut interest rates in the short term.   A ...

S&P exceeds 3,000 points for the first time in history

2019-07-10 15:07:14 GMT (
US stocks rose on Friday after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.   In his semiannual testimony, Powell spoke of the negative ...

US stocks rise after Fed Chairman's testimony

2019-07-10 14:38:51 GMT (
US stocks rose today, supported by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's testimony before the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee.   Powell said that there are ...

Powell talks about negative impacts on US economy, signals rate cut

2019-07-10 13:59:16 GMT (
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in statements prepared in advance to testify before the Financial Services Committee of the US House of Representatives, that there are many factors ...

Nasdaq erases losses and closes higher ahead of Powell's testimony

2019-07-09 21:20:11 GMT (
Most of the US stocks erased their losses in the earlier sessions, while Dow Jones only trimmed its losses as market focus shifted to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's testimony before the US ...

US stocks continue to drop from record highs

2019-07-09 14:39:46 GMT (
US stocks fell for the third session in a row, continuing to move away from recent record highs.   Tomorrow, markets will turn to major events, most notably Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome ...

US stocks maintain losses and close lower

2019-07-08 21:11:21 GMT (
US stocks fell on Tuesday as investors turned their focus to the important semi-annual testimony by the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell later this week.   Speculation about a rate ...
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