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US stocks close lower global economic slowdown concerns

2019-09-16 22:32:15 GMT (
US stocks fell on global economic concerns after a surge in oil prices due to sabotage attacks against Saudi Arabia.   Experts fear that this surge in oil prices will impact oil-consuming ...

US stocks open lower amid tensions in Middle East

2019-09-16 14:39:54 GMT (
US stocks opened lower today amid geopolitical concerns in global markets after terrorist attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, due to tensions in the Middle East, after sabotage attacks on 2 ...

US stocks end mixed but post weekly gains

2019-09-13 21:15:12 GMT (
US stocks saw a mixed performance today despite the hopes about the trade talks, but managed to post weekly gains ahead of the US Fed meeting.   The market's hopes increased after mutual ...

US stocks rise on trade talk hopes

2019-09-13 15:05:02 GMT (
US stocks opened higher today, to extend gains for the second straight sessions on increased market's hopes about the trade the US-China trade talks.   President Trump announced the delaying ...

US stocks close higher on ECB decision and Trump's remarks

2019-09-12 21:35:13 GMT (
US stocks rose today, but trimmed their gains in the last minutes, as Wall Street drew support from the ECB's decision and Trump's remarks about the trade talks with China.   The ECB decided ...

US stocks rise after ECB decision

2019-09-12 15:10:37 GMT (
US stocks opened higher today, after the European Central Bank revealed its decision to cut interest rates for the first time since 2016, with the launch of a new quantitative easing ...

Dow closes above 27,000 as S&P returns to 3,000

2019-09-11 21:39:10 GMT (
US stocks surged today amid market's hopes about the US-China trade talks, and ahead of the ECB and the US Fed meetings.   President Trump renewed today his requests of the US Federal Reserve ...

US stocks open higher on energy sector surge

2019-09-11 14:29:44 GMT (
US stocks rose today as the energy sector recovered after oil prices rose in addition to gains in the tech sector after Apple revealed the new versions of the iPhone.   In the oil market, by ...

Nasdaq claws back earlier losses as Dow closes higher

2019-09-10 21:39:40 GMT (
Most US stocks stabilized today and erased their earlier losses, which led Dow Jones to close higher for the fifth straight day.   Amid uncertainty in the markets after Trump had fired ...

US stocks fall ahead of ECB meeting

2019-09-10 15:13:30 GMT (
US stocks fell today as the market is cautiously anticipating the European Central Bank's meeting on next Thursday in addition to the US Fed's meeting next week.   Expectations are that the ...

Dow Jones closes higher for the fourth straight session

2019-09-09 21:41:07 GMT (
Dow Jones rose slightly today, extending its gains for the fourth straight day, in its longest gaining streak in 8 weeks, while Nasdaq and S&P fell.   The markets are anticipating the ...

US stocks rise ahead of ECB meeting

2019-09-09 15:13:37 GMT (
US stocks opened higher today, as the trade war concerns eased ahead of the European Central Bank meeting.   The next ECB meeting will launch this week, and will include the banks member ...

US stocks close higher, post weekly gains despite weak jobs data

2019-09-06 21:27:30 GMT (
Most of the US stocks rose today, amid the markets' hopes about the next round of the US-China trade talks, while shrugging off weak jobs data and Fed Chair Jerome Powell's remarks.   The ...

US Fed Chair says weak inflation is what mostly worries him

2019-09-06 17:36:32 GMT (
US Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, said today that the Fed is closely monitoring the risks to the US economy which could slow its growth, but what worries him most is weak ...
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