The EURCHF takes advantage of stochastic positivity – Forecast today – 3-4-2024
2024-04-03 05:37AM UTC

Expected Scenarios:

  1. The EURCHF pair confirms keeping the main bullish track.
  2. New close is provided above the additional support at 0.9690.
  3. Stochastic positive momentum signals are observed.
  4. A strong positive rally was formed yesterday, reaching 0.9785.
  5. Major indicators continue to provide positive momentum.
  6. Expectation of a bullish rebound and targeting 0.9810 soon.
  7. Attempt to press on 0.9845 resistance to resume positivity in the upcoming period.

Expected Trading Range:

  • The expected trading range for today is between 0.9745 and 0.9810.

Trend forecast: Bullish

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