Soybeans News provides you with the latest news and fundamental analysis about Soybeans. Through this page you may read about all the economic and political events around the world affecting the Soybeans Prices.

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Soybean ends higher, recoups recent losses

2020-01-17 23:00:42 GMT (
Soybean futures rose in Friday's trading sessions, to wipe out the earlier losses seen at the opening of the session, as investors remained optimistic about the signing of the phase-one of the trade ...

Soybean closes lower as US production rises

2020-01-13 21:47:58 GMT (
Soybean prices fell on Monday, despite widespread optimism about the US-China trade deal, as the US production increased and heavy rain in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina), which weighed down on ...

Soybean falls ahead of US weekly export sales report

2020-01-09 21:14:38 GMT (
Soybean prices fell today, as the dollar rose and ahead of the USDA report about the supply and demand for US agricultural exports.   Observers pointed out that the rising global prices and ...

Soybeans close slightly lower on news over South America's corps

2020-01-07 21:47:12 GMT (
Soybean prices slipped Tuesday, after reports about heavy rain in South America, which increase the volume and quality of agricultural crops in the continent.   Markets are still waiting for ...

Soybean closes higher on hopes of Chinese demand

2020-01-02 23:02:53 GMT (
Soybean prices rose in the first session of 2020, amid the widespread optimism about China's demand for US farm goods, under the phase-one trade deal between the two countries.   President ...

Soybean closes higher on renewed trade hopes

2019-12-30 21:47:19 GMT (
Soybean prices rose Monday, as market's hopes about the US-China trade pact were renewed, which spurred some buying on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.   Several news agencies reported that ...

Soybean rises to highest since June 2018

2019-12-26 21:49:51 GMT (
Soybean prices rose Thursday, as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange returned from the Christmas holiday, amid optimism about the US and China initial trade deal.   The US Department of ...

Soybean closes higher on Chinese demand hopes

2019-12-23 21:20:47 GMT (
Soybean prices rose on Monday, lifted by the aftereffects of the the announcement of the US and China reaching an initial trade deal and optimism about higher Chinese demand on US farm ...

Soybean closes higher amid trade deal optimism

2019-12-20 21:46:45 GMT (
Soybean prices rose on Friday, amid optimism about the US-China trade talks, and about Beijing increasing its purchases of US farm goods.   Despite the uncertainty about Chinese demand under ...

Soybean prices rise for fourth straight session

2019-12-17 22:30:34 GMT (
Soybean prices rose on Tuesday, for the fourth straight session and hit a 1-month high, as optimism continued about the US and China phase-one trade deal.   The deal raised speculations about ...

Soybean closes higher after news about US-China trade deal

2019-12-12 21:39:01 GMT (
Soybean prices rose on Thursday, after hitting a pause earlier, following news of the US reaching a trade deal "in principle" with China.   Bloomberg, citing sources close to talks, reported ...

Soybean extends rally for fifth straight session

2019-12-09 22:42:44 GMT (
Soybean prices rose on Monday, to extend gains for the fifth straight session, and hit a 2-week high, buoyed by Chinese import tariffs waivers for US commodities (including soy.)   Chinese ...

Soybean rises on Chinese tariff waivers

2019-12-06 22:41:53 GMT (
Soybean prices rose on Friday, lifted by Chinese Ministry of Finance decision on US farm imports and renewed hopes about the US-China trade talks after positive statements.   The Chinese ...

Soybeans rise on renewed US-China trade optimism

2019-12-04 23:03:06 GMT (
Soybean prices rose on Wednesday on the Chicago Commodity Exchange, on renewed hopes about resolving the US-China trade dispute and approaching trade deal.   Commodity traders are anticipating ...
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