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Copper price approaches from the initial target – Analysis – 21-8-2019

2019-08-21 06:59:11 GMT (
Copper price began to respond to the negative pressures by forming a new bearish wave, approaching from the initial negative target at 2.5500, reminding you that the negative scenario depends on the ...

Copper must decline– Analysis – 20-8-2019

2019-08-20 06:35:37 GMT (
Copper price will resume the suggested negative attack if it kept its negative stability below the resistance that is located at 2.6200, stochastic reach below 50 level reinforces the negative ...

Copper price repeats the negative closes – Analysis – 19-8-2019

2019-08-19 10:05:54 GMT (
Copper price continued providing negative closes below the resistance that is located at 2.6200, to keep its negative stability, therefore, we will keep waiting for forming negative trading, to ...

Copper price gathers new negative momentum – Analysis – 16-8-2019

2019-08-16 09:14:06 GMT (
Copper price gathered new negative momentum yesterday after stochastic crawled below 50 level, to reinforce the previously suggested negative overview, assuring the importance of the stability of ...

No change for Copper price – Analysis – 15-8-2019

2019-08-15 07:14:17 GMT (
Copper price moves slowly since the last period, affected by the continuation of the main indicators contradiction, but the repeated stability below the resistance at 2.6200 supports our bearish ...

Copper price settles below the resistance – Analysis – 14-8-2019

2019-08-14 09:22:51 GMT (
Copper price repeated its consolidation below 2.6200 resistance to increase the chances of resuming the waited negative attack, while the price needs to get new negative momentum to get rid of the ...

Copper price without any change – Analysis – 13-8-2019

2019-08-13 10:28:49 GMT (
No change for Copper price that remains stable below 2.6200 resistance, to decrease the chances of the return to the bullish channel, while the contradiction of the major indicators forms the main ...

Copper price keeps the negative stability – Analysis – 12-8-2019

2019-08-12 06:38:12 GMT (
Copper price confirmed keeping the bearish bias domination by providing new negative close below 2.6250 resistance, while the intraday sideways trades caused by the lack of the negative momentum, ...

Copper price tests the resistance – Analysis – 9-8-2019

2019-08-09 08:43:33 GMT (
Copper price ended the correctional bullish rebound by testing 2.6200 resistance, closing negatively below it, to reinforce the main stability within the bearish range, while gathering new negative ...

Copper price looks for a new momentum – Analysis – 8-8-2019

2019-08-08 09:09:13 GMT (
Copper price failed to record any new negative target, due to its neediness to the negative momentum, to notice the price attempt to rally towards testing the resistance at 2.6200 level, and the ...

Copper price has no escape from the decline – Analysis – 7-8-2019

2019-08-07 06:37:28 GMT (
Despite Copper price forming sideways trading recently, its fluctuation below 2.6200 resistance confirms surrendering to the main bearish bias domination, thus, we will keep waiting to record new ...

Copper price keeps the negativity – Analysis – 6-8-2019

2019-08-06 06:46:38 GMT (
No escape for Copper price from resuming the negative trading by providing repeated closes below the resistance at 2.6200, we notice achieving the initial negative target that is located at 2.5500, ...

Copper price confirms changing the main track– Analysis – 5-8-2019

2019-08-05 07:08:10 GMT (
Copper price confirmed changing the main track by providing a new negative close below the broken bullish channel’s support, reinforcing the bearish bias domination in the upcoming trading, the ...

Copper price threats the positive stability – Analysis – 2-8-2019

2019-08-02 07:34:19 GMT (
Copper price surrendered to the negative pressures to notice crawling below the bullish channel’s support line at 2.6200, attempting to start forming negative trades, while in case gathering ...
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