USD JPY Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the USD/JPY (Dollar Japanese Yen). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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2013-01-28 06:01:15 GMT (
The pair continued the upside rally to manage to breach above 90.40 and settled with a daily close above it, where this factor is considered as a main key to turn the trend towards the north, as ...
2013-01-25 04:38:29 GMT (
The pair rallied to the upside sharply closing near 90.40, which represents the most important level for the short term and medium term trend, while it begins today’s trading attempting to ...
2013-01-24 05:47:06 GMT (
The pair found a good support at 88.00 forced it to bounce higher as appears in the above chart, but holding below 89.00 will keep the chances of retesting 87.50 valid.   Therefore, the ...
2013-01-23 05:35:34 GMT (
The pair declined yesterday after breaking 89.00, and this opens the way for retesting 87.50, which signals that the bearish trend will be preferred for today.   Be aware that 87.50 support ...
2013-01-22 05:40:26 GMT (
The pair remains stuck between the mentioned confirmation levels in yesterday report, these levels are represented by 89.00 support and 90.40 resistance, as we are waiting a surpass for one of ...
2013-01-21 07:59:01 GMT (ecPulse)
    The USD/JPY pair is trading between Linear Regression Indicator (LRI) 34 from the upside and LRI 55 from the downside. In general, trading above the ascending channel`s key ...
2013-01-21 05:38:25 GMT (
90.40 level remains acting as a solid resistance against the pair attempts to move higher, this is forcing the price to bounce lower now, while we still waiting a confirmation for the upcoming ...
2013-01-18 05:21:30 GMT (
The pair continued to rally positively trading now above the psychological level 90.00, while stopping now near the most sensitive resistance level to the short term and medium term trend at 90.40, ...
2013-01-17 19:50:57 GMT (
The pairrallied to the upside sharply surpassing 88.40 resistance level, and approaching from the critical levels mentioned in previous reports between 90.00-90.50   We remind you that its ...
2013-01-17 05:56:32 GMT (
The pair declined approaching from the yesterday-pointed critical support at 87.55, which breaching it is considered as the first key for the general bearish trend return that was stopped to ...
2013-01-16 05:54:30 GMT (
  The pair begins today’s trading negatively, in spite of yesterday’s close above 88.40, where the price is trading below it now, that provides initial signals for the probability ...
2013-01-15 05:24:09 GMT (
The pair reversed to the downside, to trade now at 89.00, while we are still waiting for some bullish actions to hit the main waited targets between 90.00 and 90.50   Note that breaking ...
2013-01-14 08:13:09 GMT (ecPulse)
    Despite overbought signals on momentum indicators, trading above 88.20 levels will be considered positive targeting areas of 91.70 levels passing by the psychological areas of ...
2013-01-14 05:37:31 GMT (
The pair continues to rally positively, and approaches from the main waited targets between 90.00 and 90.50, where our positive anticipations remain valid and active supported by EMA50.   We ...
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