USD JPY Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the USD/JPY (Dollar Japanese Yen). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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USD JPY touches the waited target 09/04/2013

2013-04-09 04:48:18 GMT (
The pair succeeded to reach the waited target at 99.50, and we notice the downside bounce from there, as we expect that the price might have to decline according to the trading rules within the ...

USD/JPY Weekly Technical Report 8-12/4/2013

2013-04-08 08:59:29 GMT (ecPulse)
  The violent upside actions seen during the previous week continued with the opening of this week and the pair has started the week with a gap while RSI 14 reflects extreme overbought ...

USD JPY approaches the target 08/04/2013

2013-04-08 05:45:11 GMT (
The pair continues to move higher approaching from the bullish channel resistance that represents the first main waited target at 99.50, to keep the expected bullish trend for today, which might be ...

USD JPY gains well 05/04/2013

2013-04-05 05:44:28 GMT (
The pair rallied sharply to the upside affected by the Japanese economic data release, where it achieved a breach above the previously recorded top at 96.69, this breach and the return inside the ...

USD JPY in sideways range 04/04/2013

2013-04-04 05:00:14 GMT (
  The pair fluctuates in sideways and tight range settling below 93.55, to continue in preferring the bearish trend on the intraday basis, where we are waiting for targets that begin mainly at ...

USD JPY retests 03/04/2013

2013-04-03 05:35:56 GMT (
The pair retests now the previously broken support level at 93.55, and the steadiness below it represents the first factor that protects our expectations for the continuation of the bearish trend ...

USD JPY breaks 02/04/2013

2013-04-02 05:24:27 GMT (
The pair confirmed breaking the bullish channel support, to open the way towards achieving more of the expected bearish trend on the intraday and short term basis, and the initial main target is ...

USD JPY attempts to put some pressure 01/04/2013

2013-04-01 05:32:45 GMT (
The pair continues to trade near the upside channel’s support shown in the image, while EMA50 keeps pushing negatively on the intraday trading, but we need a clear break for this support ...

USD JPY near the upside channel’s support 28/03/2013

2013-03-28 05:41:28 GMT (
The pair is approaching gradually from the bullish channel support that appears in the image at 93.45, and the price is under EMA50 negativity, while Stochastic reaches the oversold levels, ...

USD JPY is back to the mixed trading 27/03/2013

2013-03-27 05:31:44 GMT (
The pair breached 94.45 and settled above it, to stop yesterday suggested negative scenario, and trades above the EMA50, and on the other hand, Stochastic enters the overbought levels and might ...

USD JPY opens the way for a decline 26/03/2013

2013-03-26 05:20:47 GMT (
The pair achieved a sharp break for 94.45 level and settled with a daily close below it, followed by a retesting process with today’s opening, and these factors make us expect witnessing ...

The solid support stops the USD JPY 25/03/2013

2013-03-25 05:24:41 GMT (
  The pair made several attempts to break below 94.45 but it failed to settle below this level, which led the price to fluctuate around EMA50, and attempts to draw a double bottom pattern ...

Mixed trading for USD JPY 22/03/2013

2013-03-22 05:59:40 GMT (
The pair felt sharply and approaches again from the critical support 94.45, this level represents a retest for the previously breached horizontal resistance, therefore, it has the key of the next ...

USD JPY changes its track 21/03/2013

2013-03-21 05:47:24 GMT (
The pair rallied higher sharply and breached above 95.65 to complete forming a double bottom pattern appears in the above chart, to make the price return to be trading inside the previous sideways ...
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