USD JPY Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the USD/JPY (Dollar Japanese Yen). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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USD JPY fluctuates 30/04/2013

2013-04-30 05:40:02 GMT (
The pair is fluctuating in sideways range settling below the EMA50, while Stochastic provides negative overlapping signal now, which supports the continuation of the intraday suggested bearish ...

USD JPY closing from target 29/04/2013

2013-04-29 05:30:47 GMT (
The pair continues its decline heading towards the main waited target at the bullish channel’s support which rises now towards 96.30, accompanied with Stochastic entering the oversold levels, ...

USD JPY has to decline 26/04/2013

2013-04-26 05:25:54 GMT (
The pair failed to breach the recently mentioned top at 99.93, to fall breaking the EMA50 with today’s opening, which allows us to suggest the continuation of the bearish bias domination ...

USD JPY visits the resistance 25/04/2013

2013-04-25 05:18:24 GMT (
The pair fluctuates near the critical resistance 99.93, settling above the EMA50, while Stochastic keeps pushing negatively on the intraday trading.   Therefore, we are continuing in the ...

USD JPY tests the key levels 24/04/2013

2013-04-24 05:27:18 GMT (
The pair found a strong support at the EMA50 at 98.60, and bounced higher to test the previously recorded top – at 99.93 -, but it still below it.   Therefore, our neutrality remains ...

USD JPY records lower high 23/04/2013

2013-04-23 05:23:54 GMT (
The pair couldn’t surpass the previously recorded top at 99.93, where the trading bounced lower from 99.87, providing signals for recording a potential lower top that might assist in turning ...

USD/JPY Weekly Technical Report 22-26/4/2013

2013-04-22 07:20:27 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair opened positively this week, as we see it stable on levels close to significant resistance levels extending around 99.85. In general, the pair is in the ascending channel shown ...

USD JPY approaches the target 22/04/2013

2013-04-22 05:27:40 GMT (
The pair remains in its positive trading approaching from the bullish channel resistance that rise towards 100.65, where it represents the main target for the current bullish wave, to continue in ...

USD JPY begins with positivity19/04/2013

2013-04-19 05:58:03 GMT (
The pair opens today’s trading with clear positivity, attempting to achieve our waited targets which mainly located at 100.00   Therefore, the bullish trend scenario will be preferred ...

USD JPY negotiates the moving average 18/04/2013

2013-04-18 05:26:11 GMT (
The pair fluctuates around the EMA50 since yesterday, depending on the stability above this level to continue in our bullish trend expectations, while we get an overlapping signal by ...

USD JPY breaches the moving average 17/04/2013

2013-04-17 05:38:45 GMT (
The pair managed to surpass the EMA50 and trades positively with today’s opening, reinforcing our yesterday suggested positive expectations, waiting for hitting the current bullish channel ...

USD JPY attempts to resume the positivity 16/04/2013

2013-04-16 05:02:33 GMT (
The pair approached from the bullish channel support that shown in the image, and bounced to the upside supported by the bullish trend which appears by Stochastic, these factors make us prefer ...

USD/JPY Weekly Technical Report 15-19/4/2013

2013-04-15 06:54:01 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair was halted by levels close to Linear Regression Indicators and is now trying to achieve some gains. Stability above Linear Regression Indicators around 97.25 levels is required ...

USD JPY approaches the target 15/04/2013

2013-04-15 05:33:03 GMT (
The pair managed to achieve the expected bearish bias reaching now towards the EMA50 which acts as support at 97.90, and the price might witness an upside rebound from the current levels due to the ...
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