USD CHF Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the USD/CHF (Dollar Swiss Franc). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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USD/CHF Weekly Technical Report 4-8/3/2013

2013-03-04 07:17:55 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair rose sharply during the last two sessions of last week, we find the pair trading now above 0.9375 and 0.9385 levels. Stability above these levels might extend the bullish move ...

USD CHF turns to the upside 04/03/2013

2013-03-04 05:54:41 GMT (
The pair continued its upside rally and settled above 0.9400, which turns the intraday trading towards the north, to be waiting for bullish targets start at 0.9500   Stochastic negativity ...

USD CHF surpasses the resistance 01/03/2013

2013-03-01 05:41:48 GMT (
The pair breached the downside channel’s resistance shown in the image, to stop the bearish trend scenario temporarily and put the price in possible sideways range between 0.9325 and ...

USD CHF is inside the channel 28/02/2013

2013-02-28 05:33:35 GMT (
The pair remains stable below the downside channel’s resistance, while stochastic provides negative signals on the daily time frame.   Therefore, the main bearish trend scenario ...

USD CHF is stable 27/02/2013

2013-02-27 05:23:43 GMT (
The pair remains trading in tight range near the resistance that appears in the image, while Stochastic keeps moving in the overbought levels, therefore, our bearish trend scenario remains valid as ...

USD CHF negotiates the resistance 26/02/2013

2013-02-26 05:49:59 GMT (
The pair fluctuates near the bearish channel resistance that appears in the above chart, and remains stable below it, which considered as the main factor for the continuation of the intraday and ...

USD/CHF Weekly Technical Report 25/2-1/3/2013

2013-02-25 06:50:20 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair is gradually moving to the upside as the positive technical catalysts still dominates the pair and might help it to touch 0.9375 levels in an attempt to breach it confirming another ...

USD CHF inside the bearish channel 25/02/2013

2013-02-25 05:54:26 GMT (
The tight range keeps controlling the pair’s trading, which remains stable below the current bearish channel resistance, to make us continue in our bearish trend expectations on the intraday ...

USD CHF stops at resistance barrier 22/02/2013

2013-02-22 05:12:14 GMT (
From the above image, we find that the price has found downside channel’s resistance at 0.9340, which we believe that it will force the price to bounce to the downside, supported by ...

USD CHF inclines positively 21/02/2013

2013-02-21 05:49:19 GMT (
The pair showed positive trading yesterday approaching now from 0.9300 and away from EMA50, and as we mentioned in our recent reports , the sideways range will be preferred on the intraday basis ...

USD CHF remains calm 20/02/2013

2013-02-20 06:02:01 GMT (
The pair continues its tight range trading, fluctuating around EMA50, which keeps our expectations of the sideways trading that we mentioned yesterday valid, and this sideways range lines are ...

USD CHF in tight range 19/02/2013

2013-02-19 05:16:26 GMT (
The pair is hovering around the EMA50 within a tight range as appears in the image, and the stability above the breached bearish channel resistance – turns into support now at 0.9120- and ...

USD/CHF Weekly Technical Report 18-22/2/2013

2013-02-18 06:59:29 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair managed to stay positive and stabilize above Linear Regression Indicators since it stabilized above key resistance level of the downside move as shown on the graph. Stability ...

USD CHF shows some slight positivity 18/02/2013

2013-02-18 05:48:37 GMT (
The pair begins today’s trading with slight bullish bias to be moving above the EMA50, and Stochastic provides positive signal on the daily time frame.   Until now, we depend on the ...
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