USD CHF Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the USD/CHF (Dollar Swiss Franc). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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USD CHF moves upon the scenario 18/04/2013

2013-04-18 05:31:28 GMT (
  The pair managed to achieve yesterday’s expected rising hitting the target 0.9320, where its fluctuating around the EMA50 now, while it remains below the previously broken neckline for ...

USD CHF hits the initial targets 17/04/2013

2013-04-17 05:41:03 GMT (
The pair succeeded to touch the first waited target near 0.9200 which represents the retest level of the previously broken resistance that can be seen in the image, this resistance turns into good ...

No news for USD CHF 16/04/2013

2013-04-16 05:05:00 GMT (
The tight range remains controlling the pair’s trading, where it still stable below 0.9400, which forms the main factor that makes us keep our bearish trend scenario valid as it is, reminding ...

USD/CHF Weekly Technical Report 15-19/4/2013

2013-04-15 07:04:43 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair stabled above 0.9295 which might cause an upside correction to retest around levels 0.9360. The overall bearish move is likely to extend whereas the Double Top Pattern targets ...

USD CHF crawls slowly 15/04/2013

2013-04-15 05:33:56 GMT (
The pair declines calmly in attempt to head towards our intraday targets around 0.9200, while EMA50 remains pushing negatively on the price.   In general, the downside track expectations ...

USD CHF declines calmly 12/04/2013

2013-04-12 05:08:26 GMT (
The pair shows slight bearish bias heading towards our initial targets around 0.9210, as stochastic provides positive signals that interpret the slowness of the bearish wave.   In general, ...

USD CHF is settled 11/04/2013

2013-04-11 05:51:13 GMT (
The pair remains stable below EMA50, moving in tight range, to continue with the expectation bearish scenario on the intraday basis.   The waited targets start at 0.9215, while holding below ...

USD CHF in tight range 10/04/2013

2013-04-10 05:38:50 GMT (
The pair trades in tight range settling below EMA50, keeping the bearish trend expected for today, reminding you that the first target at 0.9215   Breaching above 0.9370 then 0.9400 will ...

USD CHF is settled 09/04/2013

2013-04-09 04:49:20 GMT (
The pair kept the stability below 0.9400 and below the EMA50, which makes us continue in preferring the intraday bearish trend and the first main target is located at 0.9215   Stochastic ...

USD/CHF Weekly Technical Report 8-12/4/2013

2013-04-08 09:00:30 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair is currently hovering around very sensitive support zones- previous resistance- as seen on the provided daily chart. Stochastic shows a probability of drawing a positive overlap, ...

USD CHF turns the intraday trading 08/04/2013

2013-04-08 05:46:14 GMT (
The pair continued its negative pressure and confirmed breaking 0.9400 by closing below it, which signals that there is a turning in the intraday trading to the downside, where we are waiting for ...

USD CHF attacks the critical support 05/04/2013

2013-04-05 05:49:09 GMT (
The pair declined sharply attacking 0.9400, where the trading closed yesterday few pips below this level, which makes us forced to stop the bullish trend scenario, standing aside temporarily ...

USD CHF gets the momentum 04/04/2013

2013-04-04 05:02:03 GMT (
The pair fluctuates with slight bearish bias, while stochastic gets rid of its negativity, gaining positive momentum gradually, which encourages us to continue with our bullish overview that ...

USD CHF remains steady 03/04/2013

2013-04-03 05:39:31 GMT (
he pair retrieves the upside bias to trade now at 0.9500, while stochastic continues to get rid of the negativity on the daily time frame.   Therefore, the bullish trend remains valid and ...
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