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2012-11-29 05:45:04 GMT (
The pair retested the previous breached bearish correctional channel resistance and bounced to the upside in attempt to resume the bullish trend, where we still proposing the return to the positive ...
2012-11-28 11:03:03 GMT (
The pair still stable above 1.6000, and shown weak trading since morning, which makes us continue in the morning proposed scenario as it is supported by EMA50.   Expected trading range for ...
2012-11-28 05:30:03 GMT (
The pair is fluctuating near the psychological barrier 1.6000, accompanied with Stochastic entering the oversold levels, which reinforces the current level strength and keep the expected bullish ...
2012-11-27 11:01:39 GMT (
The pair achieved some slight decline while it still stable above 1.5985, to keep the expected bullish trend scenario for today valid and active for the rest of today’s ...
2012-11-27 05:38:36 GMT (
The pair was able to keep the stability above 1.6000, and its fluctuating in sideways range above the mentioned level in attempt to gather some positive momentum on the intraday basis.   In ...
2012-11-26 11:22:08 GMT (
The pair declines gradually approaching from the retest level 1.5985, as we mentioned this morning that the bullish trend is preferred for the upcoming period conditioned with stability above this ...
2012-11-26 06:27:51 GMT (ecPulse)
    Despite achieving bullish actions on Friday that took the pair to close above 38.2% Fibonacci of the recent downtrend from 1.6310 to 1.5820 but Cable couldn’t breach through ...
2012-11-26 05:40:09 GMT (
The pair achieved solid breach to the bearish correction channel resistance and settled with daily and weekly close above it, to offer positive signals for the attempts of stopping the correction ...
2012-11-23 10:58:35 GMT (
The pair moves in sideways range since morning settling above EMA50, to make the chances of achieving some slight bullishness remains valid, but in general, we keep our main neutral attitude until ...
2012-11-23 05:37:59 GMT (
The pair showed a sideways trading range yesterday that limited between the bearish channel resistance at 1.6020 and EMA50 which acting as support now at 1.5920, while we still prefer continuing in ...
2012-11-22 11:00:52 GMT (
The pair made some positive attempts to get back again near 1.5950, while our preferred bullish trend expectations continue for today unless 1.5900 was breached.   Expected trading range for ...
2012-11-22 05:54:38 GMT (
The pair is approaching gradually from the waited target at the bearish correction channel which declines now to 1.6000, accompanied with Stochastic entering the overbought levels, which might ...
2012-11-21 11:02:19 GMT (
The pair made an attempt to breach 1.5900 but turned back to settle above it, which makes our suggested positive expectation remains valid and active until now.   Expected trading range for ...
2012-11-21 05:49:52 GMT (
The pair remains stable above 1.5900 and the EMA50, to keep our positive expectations on the intraday basis valid, as waiting to hit targets mainly near to 1.6020.   Stochastic negativity ...
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