EUR JPY Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the EUR/JPY (Euro /Japanese Yen). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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The EURJPY repeats the pressure on the barrier – Analysis – 26-5-2022

2022-05-26 05:24:26 GMT (
The EURJPY pair repeated the strong pressures on 136.80 barrier in order to find a way to resume the bullish attack, to ease the mission of reaching the additional targets near 137.10 and ...

The EURJPY needs to surpass the barrier – Analysis – 25-5-2022

2022-05-25 05:15:11 GMT (
The EURJPY pair formed sideways fluctuation despite its consolidation within the bullish track, affected by 136.80 level forming solid obstacle against the attempt to resume the bullish attack, to ...

The EURJPY refreshes again – Analysis – 24-5-2022

2022-05-24 05:10:55 GMT (
The EURJPY pair gained a new positive momentum yesterday, which allows it to form a new bullish rally, repeating the pressure on 136.80 level and that forms an obstacle against the last bullish ...

The EURJPY needs a new momentum – Analysis – 23-5-2022

2022-05-23 05:04:46 GMT (
 The EURJPY pair failed to record any new positive target until this moment, to repeat its fluctuate near 134.90 level, affected by stochastic fluctuation below 50 level, which forces it to ...

The EURJPY prepares to rise – Analysis – 20-5-2022

2022-05-20 05:35:43 GMT (
The EURJPY pair still stable above the additional support 133.60, to take advantage of the moving average 55 positivity by confirming the domination of the bullish bias and settle near ...

The EURJPY gains a new positive momentum– Analysis – 19-5-2022

2022-05-19 05:03:20 GMT (
The EURJPY pair faced a difficulty to breach the barrier at 136.60, due to the neediness of the positive momentum, which forces it to provide mixed trading within the bullish channel’s levels, ...

The EURJPY achieves some gains – Analysis – 18-5-2022

2022-05-18 05:01:36 GMT (
The EURJPY pair get advantage from stochastic positivity by forming strong bullish wave, to press on 23.6% Fibonacci correction level, which formed the initial main target by its stability near ...

The EURJPY gets rid of the negative pressures– Analysis – 17-5-2022

2022-05-17 05:07:26 GMT (
The EURJPY pair succeeded to get rid of the negative pressures, to end the bearish correctional attack by testing the moving average 55 near 132.90, forming a strong bullish rally to ...

The EURJPY provides new negative close – Analysis – 16-5-2022

2022-05-16 04:55:31 GMT (
The EURJPY pair repeated providing negative closes below 134.85 level, to keep decelerating the attempts of renewing the bullish attack, which announces its surrender to the correctional bias ...

The EURJPY surrenders to the negative pressures – Analysis – 13-5-2022

2022-05-13 08:16:33 GMT (
The EURJPY pair formed strong negative trades to suffer many losses by touching 132.65 level, affected by the negative factors represented by the stability below 134.80 in addition to stochastic ...

The EURJPY might postpone the rise – Analysis – 12-5-2022

2022-05-12 04:50:51 GMT (
The EURJPY pair formed correctional negative wave yesterday, affected by stochastic negativity, to hinder the positive attempts by moving towards 136.15.   Facing continuous negative pressures ...

The EURJPY resists stochastic negativity– Analysis – 11-5-2022

2022-05-11 05:06:20 GMT (
EURJPY pair lost its positive momentum by forming a bearish wave by stochastic and its fluctuation below 50 level, to delay the bullish attack and providing sideways trading below 137.80 ...

The EURJPY got advantage from the positive momentum– Analysis – 10-5-2022

2022-05-10 04:53:30 GMT (
The EURJPY pair began receiving the extra positive momentum by the stability of stochastic above 50 level, to move away from the extra support at 136.50, to notice providing positive trading by ...

The EURJPY repeats the positive closings – Analysis – 9-5-2022

2022-05-09 04:52:49 GMT (
The EURJPY pair still keeping the bullish attempts by providing new positive close above 23.6% Fibonacci correction level at 136.50, to ease the mission of confirming surpassing 137.80 level and ...
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