EUR JPY Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the EUR/JPY (Euro /Japanese Yen). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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EUR JPY is negative 1/4/2013

2013-04-01 07:47:53 GMT (
The pair settles recently around 120.00 level, attempting to break this level to reach the waited targets in our previous report, and we notice several failed attempts recently to break this level, ...

EUR JPY settles around the initial target 28/3/2013

2013-03-28 09:10:06 GMT (
The pair provides negative trading to hit the initial target around 120.00 to move away from its main resistance which supports the continuation of the bearish trend domination on the near and ...

EUR JPY settles negatively 27/3/2013

2013-03-27 08:16:49 GMT (
The pair remains settled below 122.35 which acts as a resistance against the current trading, to continue with the negative expectations on the near and medium term, targeting 120.10 and ...

EUR JPY falls below the support 26/3/2013

2013-03-26 08:26:27 GMT (
The pair attempts to settle above the support level to achieve the positivity, but we notice the break of the support level in yesterday’s trading which led to turn the main track to the ...

EUR JPY attempts positively 25/3/2013

2013-03-25 08:20:36 GMT (
The pair rose recently to return around the moving average to find resistance level at 123.70 as appears in the above chart, where achieving breach by the four hours candlestick above 123.70 to be ...

EUR JPY is not stable 22/3/2013

2013-03-22 08:19:29 GMT (
  The pair wasn’t stable recently, limited between 124.25 and 121.90 levels, to find support line around 121.90 and limit the intraday negativity as shown in the above chart.   We ...

EUR JPY attempts to achieve positivity 21/3/2013

2013-03-21 08:27:47 GMT (
  The pair achieved a breach above the moving average around 123.50 in its yesterday’s trading to hit 124.50 attempting to settle positively, but breaching above 125.70 is required to ...

EUR JPY is negative 20/3/2013

2013-03-20 08:02:42 GMT (
The pair was negative yesterday touching 121.85 level, to continue trading negatively as long as the price is stable below the moving average which acts as an obstacle against the price ...

EUR JPY is around the moving average

2013-03-19 07:53:48 GMT (
  The pair rose as we expected to hit the moving average after achieving losses in its recent trading reaching 123.95, we notice the stability of the price around this level since this morning ...

EUR JPY is suffering big losses 18/3/2013

2013-03-18 07:54:13 GMT (
The pair suffers big losses since the morning by breaking the initial support level 124.40 to achieve 121.60; we notice the strength of the price rally in its bearish bias by the accomplished price ...

EUR/JPY Weekly Technical Report 18-22/3/2013

2013-03-18 06:50:38 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair leaped more than 200 pips lower, starting the week sharply lower, and heading towards the 50-days SMA, the bias is strongly bearish, however, it’s too risky to short the ...

EUR JPY still sideways 15/3/2013

2013-03-15 08:01:01 GMT (
The pair is trading again in sideways range to be limited below 126.25 and the moving average 55, and we notice the price positivity in the morning after touching the initial support line at ...

EUR JPY is sideways 14/3/2013

2013-03-14 08:12:14 GMT (
The pair remains in its sideways trading within the price triangle as we explained in our previous report to notice the stability of the trading above the moving average 55 and below the resistance ...

EUR JPY is trading within the expanded triangle 13/3/2013

2013-03-13 07:50:24 GMT (
The pair achieved a clear stability around 124.80 in yesterday’s trading, to keep the trading with the open triangle which its range is expanding due to the stability of the trading inside it ...
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