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Ripple falls on stronger dollar

2019-07-19 21:18:56 GMT (
Ripple fell during trading today on the strength of US dollar, which has put pressure on many assets, including cryptocurrencies, commodities and metals.   The cryptocurrencies were pressured ...

Ripple rises for second day as Bitcoin jumps above $10,000

2019-07-18 20:55:18 GMT (
Most cryptocurrencies rallied on Thursday for the second day in a row after Facebook's Calibra portfolio manager David Marcus' remarks before US congress.   In his testimony before Congress, ...

Ripple rises as Facebook reassures the market about Libra

2019-07-17 20:48:02 GMT (
The majority of cryptocurrencies rose during trading today, including Ripple, which jumped more than 6% as the director of Facebook's project Calibra, David Marcus, reassured the market about the ...

Ripple drops 4% as Bitcoin falls below $10,000 for second time in July

2019-07-16 20:58:41 GMT (
Most of the cryptocurrencies - led by Bitcoin and Ripple - have fallen in the course of today's trading, influenced by the continued concerns and criticism surrounding the upcoming cryptocurrency, ...

Ripple falls as Bitcoin trims gains on Mnuchin's comments

2019-07-15 21:03:21 GMT (
The majority of the cryptocurrencies fell during trading today following the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's comments, during which he expressed concerns about the the upcoming cryptocurrency ...

Ripple jumps as crypto market rises despite Trump's warnings

2019-07-12 21:07:14 GMT (
Most of the cryptocurrencies rose during trading today, including Ripple, despite US President Trump's tweets, in which he warned of the new Facebook's cryptocurrency "Libra."   Trump said he ...

Ripple drops more than 9% for second straight day in a row

2019-07-11 20:53:13 GMT (
Ripple fell sharply during trading today for a second consecutive session following further negative comments from Bank of England President Mark Carney on the cryptocurrency Libra, which Facebook ...

Ripple drops more than 9% as Bitcoin stumbles below $12,000

2019-07-10 20:46:13 GMT (
Most of the cryptocurrencies fell led by Bitcoin and Ripple after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's semi-annual testimony before the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. ...

Ripple falls below $0.40 barrier as Bitcoin holds gains

2019-07-09 21:08:18 GMT (
The performance of cryptocurrencies varied during trading today as the Ripple returned to fall, while Bitcoin maintained its gains, in conjunction with pressures on Wall Street.   Bearing in ...

Ripple rises as Bitcoin breaches 12,000 mark

2019-07-08 20:58:26 GMT (
Most of the digital currencies rose during today's trading, benefiting from investors' reluctance from the stock markets, which witnessed a decline today, pushing investors to the crypto market as ...

Ripple continues to fall below $0.40 as Bitcoin drops more than 5%

2019-07-05 20:08:41 GMT (
Most of the cryptocurrencies declined during today's trading, continuing their losses in conjunction with the recovery of the dollar against most major currencies, which has put pressure on various ...

Ripple falls below $0.40 mark as cryptocurrencies limit gains

2019-07-04 20:37:18 GMT (
Most of the cryptocurrencies declined during today, and ripple fell below psychological barrier of $0.40 amid quiet trading due to a public holiday in the United States.   Ripple has been ...

Ripple remains under pressure as Bitcoin rises by more than 5%

2019-07-03 20:25:36 GMT (
Most cryptocurrencies rallied during trading today while the Ripple remained under pressure, retreating against US Dollar.   Technically, Ripple breached its resistance near $0.3985 and rose ...

Ripple inches lower, as Bitcoin trims gains

2019-07-02 20:50:58 GMT (
The performance of cryptocurrencies varied across the day as investors shifted to other assets such as bonds and equity markets that have rebounded despite renewed concern about the trade war. ...
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