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2013-01-28 11:02:16 GMT (
Silver price resumes the negative trading approaching from the critical support 30.70, and as we mentioned in our morning report, the neutrality is required until surpassing one of the levels ...
2013-01-28 06:06:12 GMT (
Silver price continued the downside pressure to break below the EMA50, and as happened with gold, Stochastic enters the oversold levels to offer some chances for a potential bullish rebound, and ...
2013-01-25 11:28:49 GMT (
Silver price hovers around the EMA50, while Stochastic attempts to gain some positive gain to support the bullish trend return.   Until now, our neutral attitude will remain valid until ...
2013-01-25 04:46:29 GMT (
Silver price was effected clearly with Stochastic negativity to drop and break 31.80, while EMA50 attempts to keep the chances of continuing the preferred bullish trend in our recent ...
2013-01-24 11:11:42 GMT (
Silver price attacks 31.80, which is considered as a protection factor for our positive expectations on the intraday basis, and until now, the positive scenario issued this morning remains valid ...
2013-01-24 05:52:09 GMT (
Silver price found a solid resistance near 32.50 forcing it to bounce lower approaching from the recent breached 31.80, as long as the trading remained above this level, the intraday bullish trend ...
2013-01-23 11:01:24 GMT (
The narrow range controls silver’s trading since morning, which remains stable above 32.00, that makes us continue in our preferred bullish trend expectations for today supported by EMA50, ...
2013-01-23 05:42:22 GMT (
Silver price managed to keep the daily close above 31.80, and closed yesterday’ trading above 32.00, to add more support to our bullish overview on the intraday and short term basis, as we ...
2013-01-22 10:58:26 GMT (
Silver’s trading settles in tight range above 31.80, therefore, there is no change on the morning suggested scenario which remains valid as it is if the mentioned level wasn’t broken, ...
2013-01-22 05:44:52 GMT (
Silver managed to achieve a daily close above 31.80 and attempts to build a support base above it, and this factor supports our positive expectations on the intraday basis, as we are waiting for ...
2013-01-21 08:07:55 GMT (ecPulse)
  After breaching the 31.45 resistance level, silver headed higher currently testing the 50-days SMA, around 32.00, which is also near the 61.8% Fibonacci correctional level for the latest ...
2013-01-21 05:42:36 GMT (
Silver begins this day and week’s trading positively, where it is stepping above 31.80 now, and holding above this level is considered as the major factor to support the bullish trend ...
2013-01-18 11:34:13 GMT (
Narrow range controls silver’s move since morning, which is attempting to confirm surpassing 31.80, where this factor represents a solid positive motive supports the continuation of the ...
2013-01-18 05:22:24 GMT (
Silver makes attempts to breach the critical resistance level at 31.80, and as we mentioned previously, breaching this level will offer an extra confirmation signals for the price return to the ...
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