Silver Technical Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of Silver. Through this page you may keep track of any changes in Silver Prices by our live technical updates around the clock. Technical analysis helps you predict the trend of Silver Rates by the use of technical indicators.

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2013-05-17 10:59:41 GMT (
Silver price shows sideways and tight trading range since morning, and remains below the EMA50, which keeps the morning suggested scenario valid as it is without any change, reminding you that ...
2013-05-17 04:03:23 GMT (
Silver price found solid resistance at the EMA50, this resistance stopped the recent positive trading, which forced the price to decline resuming the suggested bearish scenario depending on ...
2013-05-16 10:47:55 GMT (
Silver price approaches from our main first target at 22.00, and the negative pressure that comes from EMA50 continues, which encourages us to continue in preferring the bearish trend for today, ...
2013-05-16 05:33:32 GMT (
Silver price kept the stability below 23.25, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the bearish trend which is supported by the EMA50, while Stochastic is providing now clear negative signals ...
2013-05-15 10:56:46 GMT (
Silver price put more negative pressure on the sideways range’s support to achieve a break below this support, opening the way towards a potential intraday bearish trading, and the main ...
2013-05-15 05:33:28 GMT (
Silver price remains fluctuating in bearish bias to be moving now at the sideways range’s support at 23.25, and as we mentioned in our recent report, the stability above this support will ...
2013-05-14 10:37:53 GMT (
Silver price was affected by stochastic negativity, to stop the potential inverted head and shoulders’ pattern which was mentioned in our recent reports, while the price is approaching now ...
2013-05-14 05:24:08 GMT (
Silver price is hovering around the EMA50, while the chance remains valid to activate the technical bullish pattern that was mentioned in our last technical update, and confirming breach 23.85 to ...
2013-05-13 11:46:20 GMT (
Silver price is about to finish drawing an inverted head and shoulders pattern appears when we take a closer look at the hourly timeframe chart, as the neckline is located at 23.85, which means that ...
2013-05-13 10:46:05 GMT (
Silver price trades in tight and limited range since morning, settling below the EMA50, while Stochastic remains in providing the positive signals.   In general, the sideways trading range ...
2013-05-13 07:30:06 GMT (ecPulse)
  After dipping below the ascending trend line shown on image, silver found support at 23.25 level, which is a previous low and key horizontal support. The bearish scenario continues to be ...
2013-05-13 05:36:26 GMT (
Silver price is hovering around the EMA50, and remains fluctuating inside the sideways range between 23.25 and 24.60, which makes us remain in preferring the continuation of the sideways trading on ...
2013-05-10 11:13:16 GMT (
The tight range dominates silver price since morning, while Stochastic enters the oversold levels, to support the sideways range’s support which controls the current trading.   In ...
2013-05-10 05:44:04 GMT (
Silver price achieved a break below the bullish channel’s support which meets 23.95 and the EMA50, to settle below it now providing an intraday potential negativity, but, by the above image, ...
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