Silver Technical Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of Silver. Through this page you may keep track of any changes in Silver Prices by our live technical updates around the clock. Technical analysis helps you predict the trend of Silver Rates by the use of technical indicators.

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2019-01-08 05:00:22 GMT (
Silver price provided clear negative trades by today’s opening to break 15.62 level, noticing from the minor image that the price completed forming a double top pattern, which puts the price ...
2019-01-07 10:32:36 GMT (
Silver price settles near 15.75, as long as the price is above 15.62, so our bullish trend expectations will remain active for today, supported by the EMA50, reminding you that we are waiting for ...
2019-01-07 05:24:42 GMT (
Silver price tested 15.62 level and bounced bullishly from there, to keep the bullish trend valid until now, supported by the EMA50 that keeps carrying the price from below, besides the positive ...
2019-01-04 10:36:25 GMT (
Silver price provides negative trades now to approach testing 15.62 level, and the price needs to hold above this level to keep the bullish trend scenario active for today, waiting to head towards ...
2019-01-04 04:59:30 GMT (
Silver price resumed its positive trading clearly to move away from 15.62 level, reinforcing the expectations of achieving more gains in the upcoming sessoins, as our next target is located at ...
2019-01-03 10:41:04 GMT (
Silver price continues to fluctuate around 15.62, and we still waiting to breach this level to confirm the extension of the bullish wave on the short term basis, as our next target is located at ...
2019-01-03 05:25:01 GMT (
Silver price succeeded to reach our waited target at 15.65 and settles near it, noticing that Stochastic continues to provide the positive signals, while the EMA50 keeps carrying the price from ...
2019-01-02 10:23:39 GMT (
Silver price resumes its positive trading to head towards our waited target at 15.65, waiting for more rise for the rest of the day, motivated by the positive overlapping signal that stochastic ...
2019-01-02 04:49:54 GMT (
Silver price shows some slight bearish bias to approach the key support 15.22, accompanied by stochastic approach to the oversold areas, waiting to motivate the price to resume the expected bullish ...
2018-12-31 04:57:41 GMT (
Silver price trades positively to move away gradually from 15.22 level, which supports the continuation of our bullish overview, which its next target located at 15.65, supported by the EMA50, ...
2018-12-28 10:30:20 GMT (
Silver price keeps its stability above 15.22 level, to keep the bullish trend scenario valid for today, which targets 15.62 level as a next main station, noting that breaking 15.22 will push the ...
2018-12-28 04:58:00 GMT (
Silver price returned to rise strongly and breaches 15.22 level, as it settles above it now, which opens the way to extend the cocorrectional bullish wave to target 15.62 level as a next ...
2018-12-27 05:28:55 GMT (
Silver price rallied upwards strongly yesterday to breach 14.80 and reaches the positive target direct at 15.22, as this level met the bullish channel’s resistance that appears on the chart, ...
2018-12-26 05:31:22 GMT (
Silver price provides positive trades now and begins testing the key resistance 14.80, which urges caution from the upcoming trading, as confirming breaching it will stop the recently suggested ...
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