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Economies.com provides the latest technical analysis of Crude Oil Futures. Through this page you may keep track of any changes in Oil Prices by our live technical updates around the clock. Technical analysis helps you predict the trend of Oil Rates by the use of technical indicators.

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2012-11-22 06:09:35 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil still stuck within the same trading levels since yesterday, to keep the next intraday and short term basis trend not clear, that makes us continue in our neutrality until getting clearer ...
2012-11-21 11:08:18 GMT (Economies.com)
Sideways range dominates crude oil move since morning, to continue in our neutral attitude waiting for clearer signals that will confirm the upcoming intraday and short term trend.   To view ...
2012-11-21 07:30:45 GMT (Economies.com)
  By studying the weekly chart for crude oil, we find that the long term trading continues organized within major upside channel shown clearly on the image above   This bullish channel ...
2012-11-21 06:13:39 GMT (Economies.com)
  The price’s rally stopped yesterday when it met a solid resistance formed by EMA50, to bounce and trade below 88.65 again and continue moving lower until breaching 87.00.   EMA50 ...
2012-11-20 11:09:51 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil declines to retest 88.65 now, where EMA50 puts negative pressure on the intraday trading, while our preferred bullish trend expectations for today remain valid if 88.65 and the most ...
2012-11-20 06:09:54 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil rallied sharply to the upside surpassing 88.65 and settled above it, which open the way for achieving more bullish trend on the intraday and short term basis, where a double bottom ...
2012-11-19 16:05:50 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil price resumes the positive rally attacking the retest level of 88.65   Carefully watch the next trading, as holding above this level will offer signals for more potential gains in ...
2012-11-19 11:08:57 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil trades with slight bullish bias since morning in attempt to head towards the retest level at 88.65, while our neutrality remains generally valid until offering clearer signals for the ...
2012-11-19 08:12:10 GMT (ecPulse)
  Oil surged to the upside exceeding 86.10-86.20 levels and touched the bearish correction channel resistance which meets with the retest level at 87.70, in line with Stochastic entering ...
2012-11-19 06:07:06 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil rallied higher strongly accompanied with the future contracts' roll-over, while approaching gradually from the retest level of the previous breached neckline for the head and shoulders ...
2012-11-16 11:22:54 GMT (Economies.com)
The price trades in sideways range since morning keeping its’ stability below 86.00, to keep our bearish trend scenario remains valid and active, unless 86.00 was breached which will lead to ...
2012-11-16 06:06:53 GMT (Economies.com)
The price declined again to settle below 86.00, while stochastic resumes losing its bullish momentum during the recent sideways trading.   For now, the bearish bias return is expected, which ...
2012-11-15 11:02:53 GMT (Economies.com)
Very week move can be seen on the price since the morning, and it continues to fluctuate between 86.30 and 86.40, therefore, our neutrality remains valid until surpassing one of the morning-pointed ...
2012-11-15 06:08:23 GMT (Economies.com)
Crude oil’s trading settled above 86.00, and we mentioned previously that this is the factor that might pause the intraday bearishness, while there’re chances to move towards the retest ...
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