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Midday update for Silver 06-05-2021

2021-05-06 10:18:58 GMT (
Silver price trades positively now and attempts to return to the intraday bullish channel, which urges caution from the upcoming trading, as surpassing 26.70 and holding above it will stop the ...

Midday update for Gold 06-05-2021

2021-05-06 10:18:45 GMT (
Gold price resumed its bullish rally to approach our first waited target at 1800.00, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the bullish trend, which its next target located at 1838.00, supported ...

Midday update for the GBPUSD 06-05-2021

2021-05-06 10:18:21 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair didn’t show any strong move since morning, to continue fluctuating around the EMA50, thus, the bullish trend scenario will remain valid as it is without any change, depending on ...

Midday update for the EURUSD 06-05-2021

2021-05-06 10:18:09 GMT (
The EURUSD pair trades with strong positivity now to approach testing the key resistance 1.2064, and as long as the price is below this level, our bearish overview will remain valid, which targets ...

Baidu sharpens decline - Analysis - 06-05-2021

2021-05-06 09:40:29 GMT (
Baidu's stock kept falling with a new 2.18% loss in the last session, while hurt by a negative technical pattern that formed recently, the Head and Shoulders pattern, amid the dominance of the ...

Pfizer inches up in volatile session - Analysis - 06-05-2021

2021-05-06 09:40:13 GMT (
Pfizer's stock (PFE) rose 0.05% in the last volatile session, amid the dominance of the upward correctional short-term trend, with positive pressure from the 50-dayh SMA, countered with negative ...

Amazon seeks a bottom to bolster it - Analysis - 06-05-2021

2021-05-06 09:39:53 GMT (
Amazon's stock fell 1.25% in the last session while seeking a bottom to bolster it higher anew, amid negative signals from the RSI, with the dominance of the main upward trend in the medium term, ...

AMD erases recovery hopes - Analysis - 06-05-2021

2021-05-06 09:39:34 GMT (
AMD's stock fell 0.99% in the last session amid the dominance of the downward correctional trend in the short term, with negative pressure from the 50-day SMA, while the RSI reached oversold ...

Gilead regains footing - Analysis - 06-05-2021

2021-05-06 09:39:11 GMT (
Gilead's stock (GILD) rose 1.33% in the last session amid the dominance of the upward correctional wave in the short term, buoyed by support from the 50-day SMA, coupled with positive signals from ...

The NZDCHF rebounds above the support – Analysis – 6-5-2021

2021-05-06 05:59:57 GMT (
The NZDCHF pair succeeded to get rid of the temporary negative pressures and rally above 0.6520 support line again, to confirm surrendering to the domination of the expected bullish ...

The Australian index needs new momentum – Analysis – 6-5-2021

2021-05-06 05:59:32 GMT (
The Australian index didn’t move until today, to notice its slow sideways fluctuation within the bullish channel due to the continuous contradiction between stochastic negativity against the ...

IBEX index resumes the rise – Analysis – 6-5-2021

2021-05-06 05:59:10 GMT (
IBEX index confirmed surrendering to the domination of the bullish bias by settling above the additional support 8885.00, to notice forming new bullish rally and reach 8980.00.   Also, ...

The EURJPY gets the positive momentum – Analysis – 6-5-2021

2021-05-06 05:57:38 GMT (
The EURJPY pair started to get the positive momentum after stochastic rally above 50 level, to reinforce the positive stability within the bullish channel, agreeing the positivity of the moving ...

The GBPJPY begins with new positivity – Analysis – 6-5-2021

2021-05-06 05:57:15 GMT (
The GBPJPY pair started today with clear positivity due to its fluctuation near 151.80 barrier, to cancel the correctional bearish overview and increase the chances of recording the positive targets ...
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