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Litecoin price declines calmly – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:15:05 GMT (
Litecoin price settled below 70.00, to activate the bearish trend scenario again, and the price needs to surpass the EMA50 to confirm the continuation of the bearish bias in the upcoming sessions, ...

Ethereum price around the resistance – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:14:47 GMT (
The tight range keeps dominating Ethereum price trades, which hovers around the bearish channel’s resistance, thus, no change to the bearish trend scenario that depends on the price stability ...

Bitcoin price tests the channel’s resistance – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:14:30 GMT (
Bitcoin price provided positive trading to test the intraday bearish channel’s resistance that appears on the chart, and the EMA50 meets this resistance to add more strength to it, while ...

The USDCHF rises calmly – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:14:15 GMT (
The USDCHF pair shows calm positive trades to crawl gradually towards our waited target at 0.9990, thus, the bullish trend scenario will remain valid and active in the upcoming sessions, supported by ...

The NZDUSD resumes rising – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:14:01 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair opens today’s trading with new positive trades to approach our first waited target at 0.6470, getting positive signals through stochastic and the EMA50, which supports the ...

The AUDUSD tests the resistance – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:13:46 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair continues to fluctuate at the bearish channel’s resistance at 0.6885, and the price still stuck between the trend confirmation levels represented by the mentioned resistance and ...

Brent oil price declines strongly – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:13:27 GMT (
Brent oil price declined strongly yesterday after US president Trump decided to study easing sanctions on Iran, which pushed the price to reach the key support 59.93, accompanied by stochastic reach ...

Crude oil price suffers sharp losses – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:13:11 GMT (
Crude oil price traded with strong negativity yesterday after the US president Trump hinted studying easing sanctions on Iran, which pushed the price to break 57.33 level and hold below it, to fall ...

Silver price within sideways track – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:12:57 GMT (
Silver price shows sideways trading and settles at 18.00 barrier, waiting to surpass this level to open the way to rally towards our next negative target at 17.60.   In general, we will keep ...

Gold price gets a negative signal – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:12:44 GMT (
Gold price retests the previously broken support line that appears on the chart and keeps its stability below it, accompanied by witnessing negative signal through stochastic, waiting to motivate the ...

The USDCAD tests the resistance – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:12:27 GMT (
The USDCAD pair provided clear positive trades yesterday to test the key resistance 1.3200, noticing that the price rebounds bearishly from there, to keep the bearish trend scenario valid and active ...

The USDJPY approaches the target – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:12:11 GMT (
The USDJPY pair resumes its positive trading strongly by today’s opening to reach the thresholds of the first waited target at 108.30, reinforcing the expectations of achieving more gains in ...

The GBPUSD tests the support – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:11:56 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair tests the key support 1.2326, and as we mentioned in our recent reports, this level represents one of the trend keys besides 1.2400 resistance, and as long as the price is between ...

The EURUSD keeps its positive stability – Analysis - 12-09-2019

2019-09-12 05:11:40 GMT (
The EURUSD pair settles above 1.1005 level, which makes us keep our intraday bullish overview, which targets testing the bearish channel’s resistance around 1.1095 before turning back to resume ...
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