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Crude oil price begins bullish correction – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:46:58 GMT (
Crude oil price keeps rising to surpass 78.00 barrier now, as it begins bullish correction for the decline measured from 92.90 to 73.64, facing 23.6% Fibonacci correction level that forms key ...

Silver price shows mixed trades - Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:46:45 GMT (
Silver price showed mixed trades yesterday, as it traded with strong negativity and approached 20.72 areas, but it begins today with new rise to reach 21.30 level, which is considered as the gate to ...

Gold price begins positively – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:46:33 GMT (
Gold price ended yesterday with clear negativity below 1746.40, but it begins today positively to surpass this level and attempts to hold above it again, motivated by stochastic positivity that ...

The USDCAD begins bearish wave – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:46:14 GMT (
The USDCAD pair touched the key resistance 1.3500 and consolidated below it, to start providing negative trades by today’s open, which encourages us to suggest building bearish wave on the ...

The USDJPY tests the resistance – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:46:02 GMT (
The USDJPY pair returned to test 139.45, which formed solid resistance against the price, to start bounced bearishly and head towards resuming the expected bearish wave for the upcoming period, ...

The GBPUSD exits the minor channel - Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:45:48 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair faced negative pressure yesterday to break the minor bullish channel’s support line and settles below it, but we notice that the EMA50 protects the price from suffering more ...

The EURUSD faces temporary negative pressure – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:45:35 GMT (
The EURUSD pair’s rise stopped at the EMA50 that formed good support against the price, to start rising now, accompanied by witnessing positive signals through stochastic, to support the ...

Evening update for Crude oil price 28-11-2022

2022-11-28 17:51:04 GMT (
Crude oil price rallied upwards strongly to breach 76.05 and surpasses 77.00 barrier now, to open the way to achieve expected intraday bullish correction, targeting visiting 79.70 and might extend to ...

Evening update for Gold 28-11-2022

2022-11-28 17:50:53 GMT (
Gold price faces clear negative pressure now to attack the key support 1746.40, which urges caution from the upcoming trading, as closing the daily candlestick below this level will stop the recently ...

Evening update analysis for the EURUSD 28-11-2022

2022-11-28 17:50:38 GMT (
The EURUSD pair bounced bearishly after approaching our waited target at 1.0515, to head towards testing the key support 1.0285, and as long as the price is above this level, the bullish trend ...

Apple gathers positive momentum - Analysis - 28-11-2022

2022-11-28 10:10:26 GMT (
Apple's stock (AAPL) fell in the intraday levels after Wedbush Securities said the iPhone shortage has worsened last week amid ongoing protests at Foxconn, the biggest makers of iPhones, with the ...

Activision Blizzard skids - Analysis - 28-11-2022

2022-11-28 10:10:01 GMT (
Activision Blizzard's stock (ATVI) skidded in the intraday levels after a report that Microsoft might face an anti-trust lawsuit for trying to acquire Activision, sending the stock down 4.07% in the ...

Tesla returns lower - Analysis - 28-11-2022

2022-11-28 10:09:40 GMT (
Tesla's stock (TSLA) returned lower in the intraday levels after a recall of 80 thousand cars in China, while others reported noted that the full self-driving beta is now available in Tesla cars for ...

Micron Technology emits positive signals - Analysis - 28-11-2022

2022-11-28 10:09:17 GMT (
Micron Technology's stock (MU) fell in the intraday levels while gathering momentum to rise anew, as it trades alongside the upward correctional short-term trend line, with positive support from the ...
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