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Soybean price is stable – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:25:58 GMT (
Soybean price settles below the bearish trend line, noticing that stochastic shows overbought signals now, waiting to motivate the price to resume the expected bearish trend for the upcoming period, ...

Corn price crawls downwards – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:25:40 GMT (
Corn price continues to decline calmly, moving below the EMA50 that forms negative pressure against the price, thus, the bearish trend scenario will remain valid as it is without any change, ...

The USDCHF under the negative pressure – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:25:10 GMT (
The USDCHF pair faced strong negative pressure yesterday to break 0.9265 and settles below it, to face contradicted factors that makes us prefer staying neutral until we get clearer signal for the ...

The NZDUSD resumes the decline – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:25:00 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair declined again after attempting to breach 0.7030 level yesterday, to touch our first waited target at 0.6990, and we expect to break this level to open the way to visit 0.6945 as a ...

The AUDUSD presses on the support – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:24:44 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair returned to test 0.7225 support line in attempt to break it, waiting to break this level to confirm rallying towards 0.7100 that represents our next main target.   The bearish ...

Brent oil price returns to the channel – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:24:19 GMT (
Brent oil price begins today’s trading with clear bullish rally after turning back to the bullish channel that appears on the chart, to keep the main bullish trend scenario valid and active for ...

Crude oil price surpasses the resistance – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:24:05 GMT (
Crude oil price managed to breach 71.05 level and close the last four hours’ candlestick above it, which supports the expectations of continuing the main bullish trend, as the price returns to ...

Silver price tests the resistance - Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:23:52 GMT (
Silver price provided additional positive trades yesterday to test the key resistance 22.90, which represents the bearish channel’s resistance, noticing that the EMA50 meets this resistance to ...

Gold price achieves intraday gains – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:23:40 GMT (
Gold price settled above 1770.00 level after the bullish rally that it witnessed in the previous sessions, to hint the attempt to recover and achieve more gains in the upcoming sessions, but we ...

The USDCAD faces solid resistance – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:23:21 GMT (
The USDCAD pair provided clear positive trades yesterday but it faced solid resistance at 1.2840 again, to show some temporary decline now, noting that the price continues to move inside the bullish ...

The USDJPY begins positively – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:23:11 GMT (
The USDJPY pair tested 109.20 level again and kept its stability above it, noticing that the price begins today with new bullish bias in attempt to resume the expected bullish trend on the intraday ...

The GBPUSD keeps its negative stability - Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:22:57 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair settles below 1.3680 level, to keep the negative pressure valid for the upcoming period, supported by the negative signal provided by stochastic now, waiting to motivate the price to ...

The EURUSD is stable – Analysis - 22-09-2021

2021-09-22 04:22:42 GMT (
The EURUSD pair settles around 1.1730 level since yesterday, and the EMA50 continues to press negatively on the price, to keep our bearish overview that depends on the price stability below 1.1780, ...

Evening update for Crude oil 21-09-2021

2021-09-21 16:41:49 GMT (
Crude oil price faced strong negative pressure to break 70.70 level and approaches the expected negative target of the break at 69.25, noticing that the price rebounds bullishly again to hint heading ...
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