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The GBPCHF continues to rise – Analysis – 23-2-2021

2021-02-23 06:05:20 GMT (
The GBPCHF kept its stability within the bullish channel, to notice its consolidation above 1.2520 to form additional support against the bullish trades.   Also, stochastic fluctuation within ...

The European index faces stochastic negativity – Analysis – 23-2-2021

2021-02-23 06:04:56 GMT (
Despite the negative pressures that the European index faces due to stochastic fluctuation below 50 level, its frequent consolidation above the additional support 3660.00 reinforces the continuation ...

IBEX index prepares to rise – Analysis – 23-2-2021

2021-02-23 06:04:31 GMT (
IBEX index still surrounded with many positive factors, as it remains stable within the bullish channel that its support line located at 7850.00, in addition to stochastic stability above 50 level, ...

The EURJPY keeps the negative stability – Analysis – 23-2-2021

2021-02-23 06:03:20 GMT (
No change to the EURJPY pair’s negative track, as it keeps providing negative closings below 128.30 resistance, thus, we will keep waiting to break 127.45 to manage to continue achieving the ...

The GBPJPY takes breath – Analysis – 23-2-2021

2021-02-23 06:02:57 GMT (
The GBPJPY pair formed some sideways fluctuation by settling near 147.80, hinting the attempt to take breath before resuming the main bullish attack, also, the stability of the initial support at ...

No change to Platinum price bullish track – Analysis – 23-2-2021

2021-02-23 06:02:09 GMT (
Despite Platinum price sideways trades, its consolidation within the bullish channel and the stability of the additional support 1230.00 confirm keeping the bullish bias domination, waiting to form ...

Copper price repeats the pressure on the resistance – Analysis – 23-2-2021

2021-02-23 06:01:49 GMT (
Copper price continued to provide clear pressure on the bullish channel’s resistance at 4.1800, in order to find a way to resume the bullish attack in the upcoming period, while we recommend ...

Wheat price exits the sideways range – Analysis - 23-02-2021

2021-02-23 04:58:38 GMT (
Wheat price breached the sideways range’s resistance line clearly and closed the daily candlestick above it, which leads the price to resume the main bullish trend, paving the way to achieve ...

Sugar price achieves strong gains – Analysis - 23-02-2021

2021-02-23 04:58:24 GMT (
Sugar price rallied upwards strongly yesterday after the completion of the bullish flag pattern mentioned in our last report, to settle around 17.40, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the ...

Soybean price begins positively – Analysis - 23-02-2021

2021-02-23 04:58:09 GMT (
Soybean price opens today’s trading with bullish bias to move away from the EMA50, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the bullish trend, and the way is open to visit 1432.20 that ...

Corn price resumes the rise – Analysis - 23-02-2021

2021-02-23 04:57:54 GMT (
Corn price shows positive trades now and attempts to return to the bullish channel, which supports the continuation of our main bullish trend expectations, which target 570.40 level as a next main ...

The USDCHF achieves the positive target – Analysis - 23-02-2021

2021-02-23 04:57:34 GMT (
The USDCHF pair succeeded to reach our waited positive target at 0.9025, but it bounced downwards strongly to break 0.8975 level and settles below it, which hints the price head to return to decline ...

The NZDUSD surpasses the resistance – Analysis - 23-02-2021

2021-02-23 04:57:22 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair managed to breach 0.7315 level and closed the daily candlestick above it, which supports the continuation of our bullish overview on the intraday and short term basis, paving the way ...

The AUDUSD is stable – Analysis - 23-02-2021

2021-02-23 04:57:09 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair settles around 0.7915 level, and we still waiting to get positive momentum that assists to push the price to continue the main bullish trend, organized inside the bullish channel that ...
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