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The GBPJPY provides a new negative close – Analysis – 28-1-2020

2020-01-28 08:01:09 GMT (
The GBPJPY pair confirmed its surrender to the bearish bias domination by providing a new negative close below the resistance at 142.80, to increase the chances for forming negative trading in the ...

The EURJPY reinforces the negative track– Analysis – 28-1-2020

2020-01-28 08:01:06 GMT (
The EURJPY pair reinforced the bearish bias domination by providing a negative close below 38.2% Fibonacci correction level at 120.30, to increase the chances for resuming the bearish attack until ...

The Spanish index exits its bullish track – Analysis – 28-1-2020

2020-01-28 08:00:59 GMT (
The Spanish index price surrendered to the repeated negative pressures in the last period trading, forming repeated bearish waves, to settle out of the positive range by breaking the main support at ...

The GBPAUD keeps rising – Analysis – 28-1-2020

2020-01-28 08:00:55 GMT (
The GBPAUD keeps rising by forming a bullish trading affected by the positive pressures that caused by the stability within the bullish channel’s levels, besides providing a new positive ...

Wheat price retests – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:03:27 GMT (
Wheat price bounced upwards clearly yesterday to retest the broken support of the bullish channel that appears on the chart, noticing that stochastic shows clear overbought signals now, which ...

Sugar price around the moving average – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:03:08 GMT (
Sugar price hovers around the EMA50, keeping its stability below the key resistance 14.14, thus, our bearish overview will remain valid for the upcoming period, which targets 14.00 followed by 13.53 ...

Soybean price attempts positively – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:02:50 GMT (
Soybean price achieved some gains yesterday after finding solid support at 895.70 level, to test the bearish channel’s resistance that appears on the chart, waiting to rebound bearishly to ...

Corn price tests the resistance – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:02:30 GMT (
Corn Price provided positive trading to test the key resistance 386.30 and keeps its stability below it, accompanied by stochastic loss to the positive momentum gradually, which supports the chances ...

The USDCHF keeps its negative stability – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:02:07 GMT (
The USDCHF pair did not show any strong move in the previous sessions, to remain stable below 0.9712, thus, no change to the bearish trend scenario that depends on the price stability below the ...

The NZDUSD hits the first target – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:01:46 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair succeeded to achieve our first waited target at 0.6545 and presses negatively on it in attempt to break it, which supports the expectations of extending the correctional bearish wave ...

The AUDUSD keeps declining – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:01:25 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair shows more bearish bias to continue the expected decline on the intraday and short term basis, on its way to visit the previously recorded low at 0.6670 as a next main ...

Brent oil price is stable – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:00:58 GMT (
Brent oil price fluctuates around 58.40 level now, and as long as the price is below 59.60, our bearish overview will remain valid for the upcoming period, supported by the EMA50 that presses ...

Crude oil price loses momentum – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:00:36 GMT (
Crude oil price settles around 53.00 barrier after approaching our waited target at 51.80 yesterday, noticing that stochastic loses its positive momentum clearly, which supports the chances of ...

Silver price faces solid resistance – Analysis - 28-01-2020

2020-01-28 06:00:18 GMT (
Silver price bounced bearishly after approaching 18.38 level yesterday, to test the key support 17.95, accompanied by witnessing clear oversold signals through stochastic, waiting to motivate the ...
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