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Crude oil price suffers sharp losses – Analysis - 17-07-2019

2019-07-17 03:00:13 GMT (
Crude oil price’s last decline stopped at the key support 57.33, which shows the strength of this level against the negative attempts, to hitn achieving expected gains and recover in the ...

Silver price hits the target – Analysis - 17-07-2019

2019-07-17 02:59:53 GMT (
Silver price succeeded to achieve our waited target at 15.62 and settles around it now, and it continues to move inside the bullish channel that appears on the chart, which supports the chances of ...

Gold price tests the support – Analysis - 17-07-2019

2019-07-17 02:59:39 GMT (
Gold price made new test to 1400.30 level and kept its stability above it, to keep the bullish trend scenario active for the upcoming period, as the price moves inside a symmetrical triangle pattern ...

The USDCAD recovers – Analysis - 17-07-2019

2019-07-17 02:59:23 GMT (
The USDCAD pair provided positive trading yesterday to breach 1.3050 level and settles above it, and on the other hand, the price completed forming falling wedge pattern that its signs appear on the ...

The USDJPY achieves intraday gains – Analysis - 17-07-2019

2019-07-17 02:59:06 GMT (
The USDJPY pair traded positively yesterday to move above 108.10 level, but we notice that stochastic shows clear negative signals that we expect to press on the price to decline again, and by taking ...

The GBPUSD breaks the support – Analysis - 17-07-2019

2019-07-17 02:58:51 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair confirmed breaking 1.2476 level after closing the daily candlestick below it, to head towards achieving more decline in the upcoming sessions, organized inside the bearish channel ...

The EURUSD faces negative pressure – Analysis - 17-07-2019

2019-07-17 02:58:35 GMT (
The EURUSD pair settled around 1.1200 level, and the price faces contradiction between the technical factors, as it moves below the intraday bullish channel’s support line that appears on the ...

End of day analysis for Crude oil 16-07-2019

2019-07-16 18:57:40 GMT (
Crude oil price faced strong negative pressure to break the bullish channel’s support line and touch 57.33 level direct, noticing that the price begins to rebound bullishly from there, hinting ...

End of day analysis for Gold 16-07-2019

2019-07-16 18:57:27 GMT (
Gold price returns to test the key support 1400.30, which urges caution from the upcoming trading, as continuing the negative pressure and breaking this level will put the price within the ...

End of day analysis for the EURUSD 16-07-2019

2019-07-16 18:57:13 GMT (
The EURUSD pair provided more negative trading to break 1.1245 level and opens the way for expected visit to 1.1180 level, making the bearish bias suggested on the intraday basis, being aware that we ...

Adobe at record highs - Analysis - 16-07-2019

2019-07-16 14:03:59 GMT (
Adobe's stock hit a record high at 310.50 yesterday before falling 0.21% to gather momentum, amid the dominance of the main upward trend in the medium and short terms, while trading within an ...

Pfizer starts recovering - Analysis - 16-07-2019

2019-07-16 14:03:37 GMT (
Pfizer's stock rose after the support of 42.41 held on, while leaning on the support of the 50-day SMA, as the RSI reached oversold levels, amid the dominance of the upward short-term ...

Amazon near record highs - Analysis - 16-07-2019

2019-07-16 14:03:08 GMT (
Amazon's stock rose after plumbing a session-low at 2002.96, bouncing off it higher and turning the losses into gains, amid the dominance of the main upward trend in the medium and short terms, while ...

ExxonMobil tries to gather momentum - Analysis - 16-07-2019

2019-07-16 14:02:40 GMT (
ExxonMobil's stock fell in the intraday levels while gathering momentum to help it rise anew and vent off overbought saturation in the RSI, leaning on the support of 77.00, which represents the ratio ...
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