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2018-12-14 05:08:34 GMT (
The USDCAD pair provides positive attempts after leaning on the bullish channel’s support, and the price gets continuous positive support by the EMA50, waiting for more rise in the upcoming ...
2018-12-14 05:08:19 GMT (
The USDJPY pair hovers around 113.56 level since yesterday, noticing that stochastic provides negative overlapping signal now, waiting to motivate the price to resume the bearish bias in the upcoming ...
2018-12-14 05:08:03 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair closed yesterday’s trading at 1.2635, one pip away below the key resistance 1.2636, which keeps our bearish overview valid until now, targeting 1.2500 level ...
2018-12-14 05:07:49 GMT (
The EURUSD pair continues to move around 1.1360 level, and the EMA50 keeps pressing negatively on the price, to protect the continuation of the recently suggested bearish trend scenario, which ...
2018-12-13 19:22:00 GMT (
Crude oil price provided positive trading to test the EMA50 now, and it’s still below the first key support 52.85, to continue suggesting the bearish trend that targets 49.10 level as a next ...
2018-12-13 19:21:45 GMT (
Gold price shows negative trading to approach the key support 1238.30, noticing that the EMA50 continues to provide the positive support to the price, to keep the bullish trend active in the upcoming ...
2018-12-13 19:21:27 GMT (
The EURUSD pair returns to fluctuate around 1.1360 level after approaching 1.1400 level today, to keep the bearish trend scenario valid until now, depending on the price stability below 1.1443, ...
2018-12-13 14:05:47 GMT (
MasterCard's stock hit an intraday high at 105.96, bouncing off it lower and trimming the gains to 1.29%, or 2.55 points, while shaking off negative pressure from the 50-day SMA, as the stock was ...
2018-12-13 14:05:22 GMT (
Amazon's stock rose 1.24% in the last session, or 20.30 points, touching the resistance of the 50-day SMA, which bounced it higher and trimmed the gains, while trading alongside the downward ...
2018-12-13 14:05:01 GMT (
US Steel Corporation's stock rose 0.88% in the last session, or 0.18 points, while venting off oversold saturation in the RSI, amid negative pressure from the 50-day SMA, with the dominance of the ...
2018-12-13 14:04:41 GMT (
Sirius XM Holdings' stock rose 0.96% in the last session, or 0.06 points, tackling the pivotal resistance of 6.38, representing the neckline of a positive pattern that formed in the short term, the ...
2018-12-13 14:04:19 GMT (
Johnson & Johnson's stock rose 0.41% in the last session, or 0.60 points, tackling the pivotal resistance of 148.14, amid positive support from the 50-day SMA, with positive signals from the RSI, ...
2018-12-13 14:03:57 GMT (
Nike's stock rose 1.02% in the last session, or 0.75 points, touching the resistance of the 50-day SMA, amid the dominance of the downward correctional wave in the short term, with negative signals ...
2018-12-13 14:03:33 GMT (
Walmart's stock returned lower after the resistance of 94.00 held on, representing the ratio 50% of Fibonacci retracement levels for an ascending wave in the short term (from 81.78 to 106.21), thus ...
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