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Midday update for the AUDUSD 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:48:34 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair resumes the bullish rally to approach our waited target at 0.7340, and we expect surpassing this level to open the way to visit 0.7420 as a next positive target.   Therefore, ...

Midday update for Brent oil 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:48:15 GMT (
Brent oil price shows new positive trades in attempt to resume the main bullish trend, leaning on the bullish channel’s support line, to keep our positive overview that depends on the price ...

Midday update for Crude oil 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:48:03 GMT (
Crude oil price shows tight trades since morning, keeping its stability above the bullish channel’s support line, and as long as the price is above 81.30, our bullish overview will remain valid ...

Midday update for Silver 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:47:46 GMT (
Silver price hovers around 23.15 level, waiting to get positive motive that assist to push the price to resume the bullish trend that its targets begin by breaching 23.40 to open the way to head ...

Midday update for Gold 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:47:30 GMT (
Gold price faces negative pressure to move below 1825.15, affected by stochastic negativity, which urges caution from the upcoming trading, as holding below this level will stop the recently positive ...

Midday update for the GBPUSD 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:47:27 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair rallies upwards again to reinforce the expectations of continuing the main bullish trend, waiting to test 1.3785 followed by 1.3815 levels mainly, being aware that it is important to ...

Midday update for the EURUSD 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:47:24 GMT (
The EURUSD pair resumes its positive trades to approach the first waited target at 1.1500, to continue suggesting the bullish trend that its next target located at 1.1560, supported by the EMA50 that ...

Coca-Cola climbs cautiously - Analysis - 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:46:39 GMT (
Coca-Cola's stock (KO) rose 0.15% in the last session, settling at 60.54 while trying to pierce the current resistance of 60.70, amid support from the 50-day SMA, and with the dominance of the main ...

McDonald's seeks a bottom to bolster it higher - Analysis - 13-01-2021

2022-01-13 10:45:54 GMT (
McDonald's stock (MCD) fell 0.46% in the last session amid negative signals from the RSI, while seeking a bottom to bounce it higher as it gathers positive momentum, settling currently at 260.92, ...

3M widens gains - Analysis - 13-01-2021

2022-01-13 10:45:24 GMT (
3M's stock rose 0.25% in the last session after leaning on the support of the 50-day SMA, lending it positive momentum, and settling eventually at 179.42, while still buoyed by piercing the downward ...

Morgan Stanley driven lower by current resistance - Analysis - 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:45:06 GMT (
Morgan Stanley's stock (MS) declined in the last session after the pivotal resistance of 105.75 held on, with negative signals from the RSI after reaching overbought levels, as the stock vents off ...

Nike tries to recoup some losses - Analysis - 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:44:42 GMT (
Nike's stock (NKE) rose 1.27% in the last session, while recouping some losses and venting off oversold saturation in the RSI, settling at 152.21, retesting the current resistance at 152.28, ...

The AUDCHF fluctuates within the bearish track – Analysis – 13-1-2022

2022-01-13 05:59:01 GMT (
The AUDCHF pair still stable within the bearish channel until this moment, to repeat the fluctuation below the moving average 55 that forms additional barrier at 0.6700.   Note that stochastic ...

Coffee price might decline temporarily – Analysis – 13-1-2022

2022-01-13 05:58:36 GMT (
Coffee price repeated the negative closings below 242.00 barrier, to hinder the bullish attempts and force it to form new correctional bearish rebound, also, stochastic exit from the overbought areas ...
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