GBP JPY Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the GBP/JPY (British Pound Sterling/Yen). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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2013-04-10 08:30:06 GMT (
The pair achieved 150.50 in yesterday’s trading as a first level to gather the previously expected gains, to notice the price return to be leaning below the resistance 152.20, therefore the ...
2013-04-09 07:30:08 GMT (
The pair hit 151.95 level closing from the waited target at 152.20 which acts as a resistance against the current trading, and we notice the price steadiness in tight and sideways range since ...
2013-04-08 09:04:55 GMT (ecPulse)
  The GBPJPY pair maintained the extreme bullish bias, breaking the latest major highs at 148.00 and started the week with a bullish gap to retest a historical resistance at 151.60. The ...
2013-04-08 08:34:58 GMT (
The pair continues to be positive after breaching 147.70 level, to reach 151.10 since morning, hence, we expect more bullish bias domination to reach the main target around 152.20 in the near and ...
2013-04-05 08:24:37 GMT (
The pair gained strongly yesterday effected by the economic data from Japan and USA, to notice hitting 147.85 closing from the recent recorded top, as the continuation of trading above 145.75 will ...
2013-04-04 08:38:45 GMT (
  The pair closed its bearish trading since morning after achieving 140.30 noticing that the price is affected by the japaneas data to return to visit 142.15 as appears in the enclosed chart, ...
2013-04-03 08:31:31 GMT (
The pair declined yesterday to touch the second target around 140.90, and completes the previously expected targets, while we notice the calm trading that dominates the pair to settle around 38.2% ...
2013-04-02 08:35:12 GMT (
The pair declined in yesterday’s trading to reach the first target around 141.90 approaching from achieving the second target around 140.90, therefore we remain in our bearish expectation ...
2013-04-01 07:47:13 GMT (
The pair’s trading opened today with gap to notice the stability below 61.8% Fibonacci level at 142.80, and so we continue with our bearish overview for the near and medium term to hit 141.85 ...
2013-03-28 09:09:28 GMT (
The pair achieved the first target in yesterday’s trading hitting 142.00, to settle generally below the moving average which supports the expected negative overview in our previous ...
2013-03-27 08:15:59 GMT (
The pair tried to decline yesterday to find 142.43 as an obstacle against it, and settle around the moving average 55 since morning, touching the broken support line as shown in the ...
2013-03-26 08:25:49 GMT (
The pair hit the price triangle resistance level at 144.67 yesterday to fail to breach above it which pushed the price to achieve clear negativity by breaking below the support level of this ...
2013-03-25 08:19:52 GMT (
By the enclose chart we notice the stability within neutral triangle to rise from the triangle support level at 142.90 towards the resistance level 144.50 since morning trading.   Breaching ...
2013-03-22 08:18:41 GMT (
The pair’s trading continue within the upside channel to notice the return to touch the channel’s support line at 143.52 since morning, to settle above the moving average 55, thus, we ...
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