EUR JPY Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the EUR/JPY (Euro /Japanese Yen). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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2017-01-17 08:35:03 GMT (
The EURJPY pair provided more negative closes below 121.60 to confirm the affection of the bearish bias domination, to notice forming negative crawling and settling around 120.80, while we will keep ...
2017-01-16 08:32:30 GMT (
The EURJPY price managed to confirm the suggested negativity by providing negative close below 121.60 level, to begin recording some negative targets by reaching 120.95, we expect forming new ...
2017-01-13 08:59:10 GMT (
The EURJPY price didn’t continue providing negative trading to bounce to 122.10 level, affected by the contradiction between the main indicators, but the stability of the price below the main ...
2017-01-12 08:50:27 GMT (
The EURJPY price continued forming negative trading since the last period, to notice its decline below the support at 121.60, to keep the bearish bias domination in the upcoming period, we expect ...
2017-01-11 08:05:57 GMT (
The EURJPY price repeated forming negative trading yesterday, to approach from the initial support at 121.60, providing negative close below this level required to confirm surpassing the sideways ...
2017-01-10 08:51:41 GMT (
In spite of the EURJPY price stability below the main resistance at 124.10, but we couldn’t confirm the continuation of the negativity if the price remained stable at 121.60, therefore, we ...
2017-01-09 08:25:11 GMT (
The EURJPY price still confused due to the repeated stability below the main resistance at 124.15 and between the main indicators attempt to provide positive momentum by the stability of the moving ...
2017-01-06 08:48:58 GMT (
The EURJPY price didn’t record any new until this moment, to return to form sideways trading by its fluctuation below the resistance at 124.00 for today, we notice that there is clear ...
2017-01-05 07:55:28 GMT (
The EURJPY price remains stable negatively below the bullish channel’s resistance at 124.00, to confirm its readiness to form a bearish correctional bias in the near period, therefore, we will ...
2017-01-03 08:07:51 GMT (
In spite of forming a bullish rebound in the last period, but the stability of the resistance at 124.00 for today increases the possibility for forming a bearish correctional bias in the near and ...
2016-12-30 09:23:30 GMT (
The EURJPY price failed to achieve the required break to 121.60 level, to keep forming a strong obstacle against the bearish attempts, which forces it to rally to the resistance at 123.90, reminding ...
2016-12-29 07:48:11 GMT (
The EURJPY price formed strong bearish wave that allows it to achieve the first target at 121.60, attempting to surpassing the dominant sideways range, reminding you that breaking this level ...
2016-12-28 08:09:47 GMT (
No news for the EURJPY price by its repeated fluctuation below the bearish channel’s resistance at 123.80, to keep the bearish correctional expectation in the upcoming trading, we wait for ...
2016-12-27 07:45:23 GMT (
The EURJPY price repeated negative closes below the bearish channel’s resistance at 123.85, to support the beginning of forming the expected negative attack, therefore, we will keep waiting for ...
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