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2017-10-23 03:51:37 GMT (
Bitcoin price reusmed its bullish rally strongly to surpass 5845.00 level and approaches from our first extended target at 6220.00, settling above the first level that turns into good support base ...
2017-10-23 03:51:33 GMT (
The USDCHF pair confirmed breaching the main resistance line that appears on chart, to support the continuation of the bullish trend expectations on the short term basis, organized inside the bullish ...
2017-10-23 03:51:30 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair continued its decline to managed to reach the thresholds of the first target mentioned in our previous report at 0.6920, noticing that the price shows some bullish bias now on its way ...
2017-10-23 03:51:24 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair broke 0.7820 level and settled below it, to complete forming bearish pattern that supports the chances of the price return to the correctional bearish track, noticing that the price ...
2017-10-23 03:48:09 GMT (
Brent oil price resumed its positive trading after testing the main bullish channel's support that appears on chart, approaching from key resistance located now at 58.30, and the price needs to beach ...
2017-10-23 03:47:54 GMT (
Crude oil price rallied upwards clearly to settle above 52.00 barrier again, to support the continuation of the bullish trend scenario in the upcoming period, organized inside the bullish channel ...
2017-10-23 03:47:40 GMT (
Silver price settles around the EMA50, while stochastic continues to provide the positive signals on the daily time frame, waiting to motivate the price to resume the bullish trend on the intraday ...
2017-10-23 03:47:25 GMT (
Gold price confirmed breaking 1281.17 level and continues to decline by this week opening, to support the continuation of the expected bearish trend on the intraday basis, which targets testing ...
2017-10-23 03:47:08 GMT (
The USDCAD pair rallied upwards strongly to test 1.2565 level and settles above it, which pushes the price to return to the correctional bullish track again, targeting testing 1.2723 level ...
2017-10-23 03:46:54 GMT (
The USDJPY pair succeeded to achieve our first waited target at 113.44 and ended last week above it, to start today with bullish gap that pushes the price to test 114.00 level direct, which hints the ...
2017-10-23 03:46:39 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair provided positive trading to test the key resistance 1.3196, noting that this level represents the meeting point of the previously broken 50% Fibonacci correction level with the ...
2017-10-23 03:46:23 GMT (
The EURUSD pair continues to decline calmly on its way towards our main waited target at 1.1679, to keep the bearish trend scenario active for today, supported by the negative pressure provided by ...
2017-10-20 18:10:50 GMT (
Crude oil price succeeded to rebound upwards strongly after attempting to break 51.12 level today, to keep the bullish trend scenario valid for the upcoming period, which targets testing 52.84 level ...
2017-10-20 18:10:38 GMT (
Gold price settles below 1281.17 level, reinforcing the expectations of more decline on the intraday basis, waiting to target 1263.15 level that represents 61.8% Fibonacci correction level for the ...
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