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2017-12-13 13:19:04 GMT (
Bitcoin price found difficulty to confirm breaking 16385.00 level, to rebound bullishly and resume its bullish track, surpassing 17000.00 barrier now, which hints stopping today's suggested ...
2017-12-13 10:32:28 GMT (
Bitcoin price fluctuates around 23.6% Fibonacci correction level without managing to confirm breaking it until now, which urges caution from the upcoming trading, as the morning suggested bearish ...
2017-12-13 10:32:26 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair kept its stability below 0.6964 level after testing it this morning, to keep the bearish trend valid and active for the upcoming sessions, waiting to target 0.6862 followed by 0.6780 ...
2017-12-13 10:32:24 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair shows bearish rebound now after testing 0.7575 level, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the expected bearish trend scenario for the upcoming period, which depends on holding ...
2017-12-13 10:31:59 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair retested the previously broken neckline of the double top pattern again and keeps its stability below it until now, which keeps our bearish overview valid for today, reminding you ...
2017-12-13 10:31:55 GMT (
The EURUSD pair shows weak trades since morning and keeps its stability below 1.1808 level, to keep the negative effect of the double top pattern active, supported by the negative pressure provided ...
2017-12-13 09:37:06 GMT (
No news for the GBPJPY pair by forming extra mixed trading, due to the repeated closed below 152.85 barrier, announcing delaying the bullish rally until this moment, the contradiction between the ...
2017-12-13 09:37:02 GMT (
The EURJPY pair repeated the tight sideways trades by moving between the bullish channel's support at 132.20 and 134.50 level that blocks the bullish release, while the price might continue with the ...
2017-12-13 09:36:43 GMT (
The EURAUD pair repeated the correctional bearish trades affected by the major indicators' negativity, to face key support base at 1.5500, while the bullish scenario depends on the stability of this ...
2017-12-13 05:01:20 GMT (
Bitcoin price approached our waited extended target at 17665.00 and bounced bearishly from there, to start bearish correction for the last bullish wave measured from 13011.00 to 17428.00, as it ...
2017-12-13 05:01:06 GMT (
The USDCHF pair tests the key support 0.9892 now, which urges caution from the upcoming trading, as breaking this level will push the price to return to the correctional bearish track that its ...
2017-12-13 05:00:43 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair tests the most important resistance to the short term trades at 0.696, as this level represents 23.6% Fibonacci correction for the decline measured from 0.7558 to 0.6780, which means ...
2017-12-13 05:00:19 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair keeps fluctuating around the key resistance 0.7575 and still below it until now, while stochastic moves at the overbought areas, to keep the bearish trend scenario valid until now, ...
2017-12-13 04:58:51 GMT (
The USDCAD provided calm positive trades yesterday to approach gradually to our first waited target at 1.2927, as it gets continuous positive support by the EMA50, reinforcing the chances of ...
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