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2013-02-05 08:13:18 GMT (
The pair achieved a clear stability above the neckline level of the inverted head and shoulders at 144.50 to keep the bullish bias dominant  and achieve the expected targets at 147.65 in the ...
2013-02-04 08:57:49 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair now is correcting to the downside which hardly has an impact on the overall bullishness. Trading above 144.30 is now the key to extend the uptrend, which failure requires a ...
2013-02-01 08:14:29 GMT (
  The pair succeeded to breach above the neckline of the inverted head and shoulders pattern at 144.10 to accomplish a clear rising reaching to 146.30.   The stability above the neckline ...
2013-01-31 07:56:13 GMT (
The pair achieved a slight rising in yesterday’s trading to hit 144.15 to succeed in creating an inverted head and shoulders pattern as appears in the above chart.   Carefully note ...
2013-01-30 08:25:54 GMT (
  The pair settled above the moving average attempting to breach the resistance level at 143.20, to get back to the upside channel as shown in the image, and settling now without breaching the ...
2013-01-29 07:11:29 GMT (
The pair continued in the fluctuation in yesterday’s trading to break the bullish channel support level at 152.55, after the failure to breach the resistance level around 144.50 to settle ...
2013-01-28 08:29:38 GMT (
The pair kept the stability inside the bullish channel to approach from 144.15 to return and form a fluctuation bias use it to reach 143.10, and so the price will be limited between the channel ...
2013-01-25 06:44:47 GMT (
The pair achieved a clear positivity in yesterday’s trading to surpass 141.90 to turn back to the bullish channel as appears in the above chart reaching 142.85.   Holding inside the ...
2013-01-23 07:59:20 GMT (
  The pair manages to surpass the support level 140.90 to achieve a negative level use to reach 23.6% Fibonacci at 139.85 to settle at this level attempting to achieve more ...
2013-01-22 07:21:13 GMT (
The pair declined recently to hit the bullish channel support level at 140.90, to settle without breaking this level until this moment.   We notice the stability of the moving average at the ...
2013-01-21 08:09:22 GMT (ecPulse)
    The pair approached upside channel`s support (shown on the graph.) The support at 140.45 is this week`s interval; stability above it could trigger the upside rebound and a break ...
2013-01-21 07:55:45 GMT (
The pair remained stable positively in last week trading by achieving the first target around 144.50 to return forming a correctional wave to settle because of it inside the bullish channel as ...
2013-01-18 07:35:09 GMT (
The bullish channel support level settled yesterday at 140.00 to return to achieving a clear positivity by reaching 143.75.   We notice that the pair is stable in the positivity since the ...
2013-01-17 07:02:07 GMT (
The pair remained declining in yesterday’s trading to reach 140.40 to approach from the main support of the supported bullish channel by the moving average as shown in the image.   The ...
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