GBP JPY Live Analysis provides the latest technical analysis of the GBP/JPY (British Pound Sterling/Yen). You may find the analysis on a daily basis with forecasts for the global daily trend. You may also find live updates around the clock if any major changes occur in the currency pair.

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2013-12-30 09:14:18 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair is trading positively alongside the previously broken ascending channel support, where we are waiting for GBPJPY to confirm the return within the channel with the breach of 173.75. Trading ...
2013-12-24 08:58:03 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair was biased to the upside yesterday after testing 170.00 areas, as the pair maintains stability above this level, supporting positivity over intraday basis waiting for the breach of 171.15 ...
2013-12-23 09:07:24 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair continues to trade sideways around 170.00 areas while Stochastic offers positive signals supporting the pair to the upside to resume the general uptrend. We will hold onto the positive ...
2013-12-19 09:27:54 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair rushed to the upside yesterday to settle above the ascending channel support that might revive the general uptrend targeting mainly 175.00. The pair now must return above 170.35 to confirm ...
2013-12-17 10:45:39 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair is fluctuating sideways and within a tight range since yesterday, still between the trend defining barriers at 167.45 support and 169.05 resistance. The pair must breakout from the range ...
2013-12-12 07:59:23 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair resumed the negative pressure yesterday to stabilize at the ascending channel support. We can see the sideways trading pressuring the pair out of the channel, yet we cannot depend on the ...
2013-12-11 07:23:32 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair is fluctuating sideways within a tight range since yesterday around 169.00 and we can see Stochastic gained positive momentum supporting the general uptrend/ Therefore, we still ...
2013-12-02 10:33:49 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair resumed the uptrend after consolidating at 166.90 and attempting to breach 168.00 supporting the upside wave over intraday and short-term basis. The upside targets extend towards ...
2013-11-18 10:13:20 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair settled last week above the ascending channel's resistance shown on graph, offering new positive signals supporting the uptrend. We can notice the slight downside bias with the kick-start ...
2013-11-11 09:17:19 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair managed to breach 158.15 and stabilized above it once again supporting the upside expectations over intraday and short-term basis, supported as well by the MA 50. We wait for the main ...
2013-10-28 07:52:28 GMT (ecPulse)
GBPJPY kick started trading Monday with positivity breaching above 50 MA and attempting to consolidate above it, while Stochastic continues to trade higher over four-hour basis, supporting a retest ...
2013-10-21 07:35:51 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair is still trending higher approaching the broken key support –now resistance- currently at 158.85. The MA 50 is still offering support for GBPJPY from below alongside positivity on ...
2013-10-14 08:01:33 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair is fluctuating around 23.6% Fibonacci correction after it found solid resistance at the previously broken support of the ascending channel. The MA 50 offers good support over intraday ...
2013-10-07 07:45:20 GMT (ecPulse)
  GBPJPY trading settled below the support of the ascending channel opening way for the downside correction as provided on the graph. The downside move targeting initially a breakout below ...
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