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2014-02-13 08:04:12 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD was rejected at 0.8330 resistance yesterday to close the trading session lower, forming a major long-legged doji candle and thus hints major indecision. Accordingly, we prefer to move to the ...
2014-02-12 08:58:02 GMT (ecPulse)
  NZDUSD extended the strong bullish move yesterday, breaking 0.8330-0.8340 resistance level, and that will probably extend the upside towards the next major resistance level around 0.8415 ...
2014-02-11 08:08:19 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD extended the strong bullish rebound approaching 0.8330 resistance area, where the intraday bullish bias should remain dominant so long as 0.8290 is support, a dip below 0.8290 may extend to ...
2014-02-10 08:18:52 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD extended the strong bullish rebound on Friday, settling back above 0.8200 resistance level, which may turn to a support and a floor for short term trading. The next upside target resides at ...
2014-02-07 08:19:36 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD touched levels around 0.8280 before reversing to the downside, however price remains above the broken descending resistance and key short term horizontal support at 0.8185, accordingly, we ...
2014-02-05 08:14:51 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD extended the strong bulliush move yesterday, retesting the main descending trend line shown on chart, in addition to the 50-days SMA and 0.8240 horziontal reisstance. Therefore, a downside ...
2014-02-04 08:06:39 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD rebounded strongly, attempting to hold back above 0.8150 resistance level and the 200-days SMA, successfully settling above the latter may signal a bullish wave within the context of the ...
2014-02-03 08:15:03 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD moved sharply lower on Friday, breaking the 50-percent Fibonacci retracement level for the whole bullish wave, and 0.8120 support, in addition to the 200-days SMA. Accordingly, further ...
2014-01-31 08:00:07 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD remained under pressure pushing to the 200-days SMA, and 0.8120 horizontal support. The price is testing a key support area and this is the fourth time we see a test of this support. ...
2014-01-30 08:07:05 GMT (ecPulse)
  NZDUSD broke lower, settling below 0.8200 support level, and heading toward the 200-days SMA. A retest of 0.8130 major support level and Fibonacci retracement looks likely now. Ability to ...
2014-01-29 08:04:57 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD maintains the bullish bounce after testing 0.8200 key support level, where we look for further attempts toward 0.8330 resistance level. The bullish bias remains favored today, and so long as ...
2014-01-28 07:59:47 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD rebounds again of the 0.8200 support area, maintaining the overall sideways bias. The rebound of this support hints we might see another wave higher, as long as 0.8200 is holding. Tragets ...
2014-01-27 08:06:12 GMT (ecPulse)
NZDUSD maintains the sharp fluctuations, as price rebounds of 0.8200 support level, where the sideways bias continues to dominant price action. We might see a correctional rebound from 0.8200 ...
2014-01-24 08:07:58 GMT (ecPulse)
  NZDUSD is back retesting the 50-days SMA and area around 0.8230-0.8240 support, where we may see a bullish rebound from this support, we will monitor price action for a confirmation of a ...
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