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2013-12-16 05:50:07 GMT (
The pair showed negative trading on Friday evening attempting to break the upside channel’s support line, but the EMA50 managed to protect the pair from falling, to push the price positively ...
2013-12-13 10:41:39 GMT (
The pair keeps approaching from the bullish channel’s support, which meets the EMA50 to add more strength to this support, therefore, our positive expectations remain valid and active for ...
2013-12-13 05:50:28 GMT (
The pair showed negative trading yesterday approaching from the ascending channel’s support line which is located now at 1.3715, accompanied with stochastic entering the oversold levels, which ...
2013-12-12 10:32:16 GMT (
The pair trades with bearish bias affected by Stochastic negativity, while the price remains stable above the bullish channel’s support, which makes us continue in our suggested overall ...
2013-12-12 07:19:59 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair moved to the upside trading above 88.6% correction of the suggested CD Leg of the bearish harmonic Bat Pattern that isn’t confirmed yet. Stability above the referred to level at ...
2013-12-12 05:55:06 GMT (
The pair made a new test to 1.3800 without managing to settle above it, and begins today with bullish bias approaching from this level, which reinforces the continuation of our bullish trend ...
2013-12-11 10:29:40 GMT (
The pair is providing sideways trading and it remains hovering around 1.3750, to keep the suggested bullish trend valid efficiently, waiting for breaching 1.3800 to reinforce the chances of achieving ...
2013-12-11 07:09:17 GMT (ecPulse)
  The pair failed to stabilize above 1.3775 despite trading above it for a while indicating the possibility of completing the double technical harmonic formation represented in the bearish ...
2013-12-11 05:56:22 GMT (
The pair tested 1.3800 and bounced lower from there affected by Stochastic negativity which approaches from the oversold levels to gain good positive momentum that supports the return to resume the ...
2013-12-10 10:31:26 GMT (
The pair shows tight range trading since morning, and it keeps the stability above 1.3695, to keep the bullish trend expectations valid for today, reminding you that our main targets begin at ...
2013-12-10 07:24:52 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair extended bullishness reaching levels close to 1.3775 which we referred to yesterday as a Potential Reversal Zone of the double harmonic formation showing on graph. Till now, the bearish ...
2013-12-10 05:46:32 GMT (
The pair continued its positive trading reinforcing the continuation chances of our bullish trend expectations, which depend mainly on the return of the trading inside the bullish channel that ...
2013-12-09 10:47:09 GMT (
The pair trades positively since morning in attempt to move away from the bullish channel’s support, while the suggested bullish trend continues for today efficiently, depending mainly on the ...
2013-12-09 07:17:16 GMT (ecPulse)
The pair touched levels around 78.6% correction at 1.3715, as Linear Regression Indicators are still positive while momentum indicators are showing overbought signals. The contradicted signals ...
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