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2017-02-22 11:40:49 GMT (
Bitcoin price provided some negative trading to approach from retesting the key support 1090.00 and bounced bullishly from there, to keep the bullish trend valid and active for the rest of the day, ...
2017-02-22 05:32:54 GMT (
Bitcoin price succeeded to confirm breaching the long term bullish channel’s resistance and settled above it, opening the way towards the continuation of the bullish trend in the upcoming ...
2017-02-21 11:15:30 GMT (
Bitcoin price begins a process to breach the critical resistance at 1090.00 and attempts to build a support base above it, which activate the bullish trend scenario on the short and medium term ...
2017-02-21 05:23:58 GMT (
Bitcoin price succeeded to touch our main waited target at 1090.00 and stops there, as this level represents the long term bullish channel's resistance, which might form negative pressure on the ...
2017-02-20 11:22:48 GMT (
Bitcoin price resumes its positive trading now, supported by stochastic positivity that appears on the four hours time frame, which supports the continuation of the bullish trend scenario efficiently ...
2017-02-20 05:30:42 GMT (
Bitcoin price shows slight negative trading after approaching from 1070.00 barrier, keeping its stability above the EMA50, noticing that stochastic provides clear oversold signals now, waiting to ...
2017-02-17 11:26:32 GMT (
Bitcoin price continues to provide the calm positive trading to move around 1040.00 now, getting continuous positive support by the EMA50, which keeps the bullish trend scenario valid in the upcoming ...
2017-02-17 05:43:52 GMT (
Bitcoin price shows calm positive trading to move away gradually from the EMA50, heading towards our main waited target at the main bullish channel’s resistance, which located at 1085.00, ...
2017-02-16 11:43:48 GMT (
Bitcoin price fluctuates around 1025.00 level after the rise that started this morning, and the price gets positive support by the EMA50, waiting for more rise in the upcoming period, as our main ...
2017-02-16 05:53:05 GMT (
Bitcoin price begins today’s trading with a bullish bias moving away from the EMA50, which supports the continuation of the bullish trend on the intraday and short term basis, and its next ...
2017-02-15 12:00:43 GMT (
Bitcoin price fluctuates within tight range since morning settling around the EMA50, thus, no change on the main bullish trend scenario that targets 1080.00 followed by 1110.00 levels mainly, ...
2017-02-15 05:51:22 GMT (
Bitcoin price returns to fluctuate near the EMA50 after the positive attempt that appeared yesterday, where the price lost its positive momentum on the intraday time frames, which might cause more of ...
2017-02-14 11:57:24 GMT (
Bitcoin price trades with clear positivity to start breaching 1005.00 level and attempts to hold above it, which supports the continuation of our bullish overview efficiently in the upcoming period, ...
2017-02-14 05:37:48 GMT (
Bitcoin price keeps fluctuating near the EMA50 that forms good resistance at 1005.00 that decelerates the price attempt to resume the bullish trend, waiting for activating the effect of stochastic ...
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