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Natural gas price forms a new bullish channel – Analysis – 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 05:19:22 GMT (
Natural gas price formed new bullish channel in its last trading as appears in the above image in order to reinforce the chances for forming strong bullish waves, depending on the stability of the ...

The Indian index hits the target– Analysis – 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 05:18:52 GMT (
The Indian index price kept its bullish track by forming a strong bullish rally, to hit the next main target at 18855, the price might be forced to form temporary sideways fluctuation but the ...

The EURJPY is under the negative pressures – Analysis – 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 05:17:27 GMT (
The EURJPY pair remains affected by the negative pressures that come from the fluctuation below the barrier at 145.65, besides stochastic decline to 20 level recently, which makes us keep the bearish ...

The GBPJPY hits the initial target– Analysis – 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 05:17:01 GMT (
The GBPJPY pair suffered new negative pressures by stochastic decline below 50 level, which forces it to fluctuate below the extra support at 166.80, to suffer some losses by reaching the initial ...

Platinum price renews its positive action– Analysis – 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 05:16:05 GMT (
Platinum price confirmed its surrender to the bullish bias domination, by its move away from the extra support at 965.00, noticing that the above image rally to the upside approaching from the ...

Copper price keeps the positivity– Analysis – 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 05:15:40 GMT (
Copper price resisted the negative pressures, to keep its positive stability above the extra support level at 3.5000, to notice forming a bullish wave to settle near 3.6500.   The stability of ...

Wheat price resumes the decline – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:48:51 GMT (
Wheat price provided clear negative trades yesterday to move away from 790.00, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the bearish trend, which targets 760.00 followed by 741.30 levels as next ...

Sugar price touches the second target – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:48:39 GMT (
Sugar price managed to touch 18.70 level and bounced bullishly to test the first key resistance 19.00, and the price needs to hold below this level to keep the bearish trend scenario active, waiting ...

Soybean price is recovering – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:48:25 GMT (
Soybean price rallied upwards strongly to breach the resistance line that appears on the chart and heads towards achieving more gains in the upcoming sessions, as it approaches 1470.00 level now, ...

Corn price attempts positively – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:48:12 GMT (
Corn price returns to rise and approach 673.50 level, and as long as the price is below this level, our bearish overview will remain active, supported by stochastic loss to the positive momentum, and ...

The USDCHF loses momentum – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:47:54 GMT (
The USDCHF pair tested the EMA50 and begins to decline now, to keep the bearish trend scenario active, supported by the negative signal provided by stochastic now, waiting to resume the bearish wave ...

The NZDUSD begins positively – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:47:41 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair provided clear negative trades yesterday to test the EMA50, starting today with bullish bias to approach 0.6240 level, to hint heading to recover in the upcoming sessions and achieve ...

The AUDUSD tests the support – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:47:28 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair declined again to test the key support 0.6650, and rebounds bullishly by today’s open to move away from the mentioned level, to support he continuation of the expected bullish ...

Brent oil price achieves strong gains – Analysis - 29-11-2022

2022-11-29 04:47:10 GMT (
Brent oil price’s decline stopped at 80.90 level, to rebound upwards strongly and achieve bullish correction for the decline that started from 101.19 areas, on its way to achieve additional ...
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