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Soybean price completes negative pattern – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:57:55 GMT (
Soybean price started today with clear negativity to complete forming double top pattern that its signs appear on the chart, which leads the price to start bearish correction that its targets begin ...

Corn price surpasses the first target – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:57:09 GMT (
Corn price succeeded to achieve our first waited target at 589.20 and broke it to settle below it, and by taking a deeper look at the chart, we find that the price completed forming double top ...

The USDCHF keeps declining – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:56:44 GMT (
The USDCHF pair broke 0.9135 level clearly to confirm extending the bearish wave on the intraday basis, and the way is open to achieve our next negative target at 0.9060.   Therefore, we will ...

The NZDUSD gathers the positive momentum – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:56:30 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair approached our waited target at 0.6895 and bounced bearishly to test the key horizontal support line at 0.6860, noticing that stochastic gets rid of its negativity to gain the ...

The AUDUSD tests the support base – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:56:17 GMT (
The AUDUSD pair faced negative pressure in the previous session to test the key support 0.7275, and it keeps its stability above it until now, accompanied by stochastic reach to the oversold areas, ...

Brent oil price attempts positively – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:55:57 GMT (
Brent oil price opens today with bullish bias after the decline that it witnessed in the previous sessions, to keep the main bullish trend valid and active on the intraday and short term basis, ...

Crude oil price attacks the channel’s support – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:55:43 GMT (
Crude oil price ended yesterday with clear negativity to attack the bullish channel’s support line, as it moves below this support now, but we notice that stochastic gains the positive momentum ...

Silver price leans on the channel’s support line - Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:55:29 GMT (
Silver price resumes its positive trades after testing the intraday bullish channel’s support line, accompanied by witnessing positive signals through stochastic, waiting to motivate the price ...

Gold price rises again – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:55:14 GMT (
Gold price provided additional negative trades yesterday and attebpted to move away from 1825.15 level, but we notice that the EMA50 formed good support the protect the price from suffering more ...

The USDCAD touches the target – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:54:54 GMT (
The USDCAD pair succeeded to touch our waited target at 1.2480 and found solid support therefore, to show some slight bullish bias, noticing that stochastic shows clear overbought signals now, to ...

The USDJPY achieves more bearish correction – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:54:42 GMT (
The USDJPY pair broke 114.50 level strongly to touch the expected negative target at 113.60 direct, opening the way to continue the bearish correction, noting that breaking the last level will push ...

The GBPUSD gets a positive signal - Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:54:29 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair begins today with bullish bias that hints heading to resume the main bullish track, motivated by the positive overlapping signal provided by stochastic now, waiting for more rise to ...

The EURUSD completes a positive pattern – Analysis - 14-01-2022

2022-01-14 04:54:14 GMT (
The EURUSD pair completed forming bullish pennant pattern that appears on the chart, as it breaches this pattern’s resistance now, to get positive motive that we are waiting to assist to push ...

Midday update for the NZDUSD 13-01-2022

2022-01-13 10:48:46 GMT (
The NZDUSD pair trades with clear positivity to reach the thresholds of the first waited target at 0.6895, reinforcing the expectations of continuing the domination of the bullish correction in the ...
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