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Midday update for the GBPUSD 16-09-2019

2019-09-16 09:07:28 GMT (
The GBPUSD pair trades with a clear negativity now, to approach form testing the bullish channel’s support, as we mentioned this morning, the price needs to settle above 1.2370 level for the ...

Midday update for the EURUSD 16-09-2019

2019-09-16 09:07:11 GMT (
The EURUSD pair shows a bearish bias now, to move away from the bearish channel’s resistance, which supports the continuation of our bearish trend expectations for the rest of the day, ...

Copper price hits the resistance – Analysis – 16-9-2019

2019-09-16 07:04:07 GMT (
Copper price achieved the required correctional target by hitting the bearish channel’s resistance at 2.7600, to form a strong barrier against the bullish trading, the current scenario depends ...

Platinum remains bullish – Analysis – 16-9-2019

2019-09-16 07:04:05 GMT (
Platinum price confirmed its affection by the bullish bias domination by providing repeated positive closes above 915.00 level, to keep the results of the inverted double top pattern, we expect ...

The GBPJPY attempts to resume the bullish attack – Analysis – 16-9-2019

2019-09-16 07:03:59 GMT (
The GBPJPY pair get advantage from the positive pressures in the last period trading, to notice forming a new bullish rally, surpassing the barrier ay 133.70 and achieving a new target by hitting ...

The EURJPY ended the bullish rebound – Analysis – 16-9-2019

2019-09-16 07:03:57 GMT (
The EURJPY pair ended its positive rebound by hitting 120.05 level, which represents 38.2% Fibonacci correction level that appears in the above image, the continuation of this barrier stability will ...

Britain- Dixons shares keeps the positive attempts – Analysis – 16-9-2019

2019-09-16 07:03:48 GMT (
Dixons shares price confirmed the continuation of the bullish bias domination by forming a bullish wave recently, to press on the initial barrier at 124.00, and the stability of the trading above the ...

The Japanese index rises strongly – Analysis – 16-9-2019

2019-09-16 07:03:45 GMT (
The Japanese index price succeeded to form a strong bullish rally in the last period, to surpass the extra resistance that is located at 21445, to begin recording several targets by hitting 22085 ...

The AUDCHF looks for the momentum– Analysis – 16-9-2019

2019-09-16 07:03:43 GMT (
The AUDCHF price forced to form several sideways trading in spite of its stability above the critical support at 0.6750, affected by the continuation of the main indicators contradiction, to need ...

DashCoin price keeps its negative stability – Analysis - 16-09-2019

2019-09-16 04:54:51 GMT (
DashCoin price made new test to 93.13 level but it keeps its stability below it, which keeps our bearish overview valid until now, and the price needs to surpass the EMA50 that forms intraday support ...

Litecoin price within intraday bullish track – Analysis - 16-09-2019

2019-09-16 04:54:48 GMT (
Litecoin price moves within intraday bullish channel that appears on the chart, we pushed the price to breach 70.00 level and hold above it, which leads the price to achieve more expected rise in the ...

Ethereum price breaches the resistance – Analysis - 16-09-2019

2019-09-16 04:54:45 GMT (
Ethereum price begins today’s trading positively to breach 189.90 and settles above it, to turn the intraday trend to rise, on its way to achieve gains that reach 222.92 ...

Bitcoin price around the moving average – Analysis - 16-09-2019

2019-09-16 04:54:42 GMT (
Bitcoin price settles around the EMA50, moving inside the intraday bearish channel that appears on the chart, to keep the bearish trend scenario valid and active for the upcoming period, waiting to ...

The USDCHF within the bullish channel – Analysis - 16-09-2019

2019-09-16 04:54:39 GMT (
The USDCHF pair shows some bearish bias to test the bullish channel’s support line that appears on the chart, while the EMA50 provides the positive support to the price, to support the chances ...
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